A) Have all teams use the same template

Using the same template is helpful as it makes proposals comparable. However, this may lead to throwing out the baby with the bathwater, since not all new service development projects are the same.

Consider for instance these two different project teams – a more experienced and less experienced team - both proposing a similar new service. The experienced team will get a higher ranking, and thereby have a higher chance of getting their project funded.

Yet, what if the less experienced team is more eager to learn and will have a higher chance of developing a breakthrough solution that concurs the market?

In other words, how to select Google over Yahoo, when Google was just an idea and Yahoo a well-established market leader in web searches. 

No proposal is the same. Instead of using the same template to make proposals comparable, have teams follow the same process. That way, you can compare proposal quality and teamwork quality when prioritizing and selecting new service development teams. Organizing for Innovation offers such a process, and enables the selection of project teams based on teamwork quality, which is the best predictor of future success.