A Whole New Doctor

Jack Penner and Margaret Cary co-founded A Whole New Doctor, a vertical leadership program to create physicians for tomorrow. The stunning problem they are addressing in their leadership program: When they start medical school, medical students are happier than their peers When they finish, they show higher rates of depression.

innovation, new service development, research

Innovation, new service development, research; what is the difference?

What is the difference between innovation, new service development, and research? Does it matter? There are differences between new service development, research and innovation in the professional services. And yes, these differences matter. As I found out the hard way, mixing up these terms can be utterly confusing.

New Service Development

Organizing4Innovation has updated their website. In addition to information about the company, it offers useful insights into new service development in the professional services.

Business plan, case, model, or canvas?

While related, business plans, business cases, business models, and business model canvases are very different things that serve different purposes. What to use when you may ask?