Complex concepts, demanding clients, and limited scalability make new service development challenging in the professional services.

Ideas are not the problem

There are plenty of opportunities and ideas for new services. Everybody is just so busy, making it challenging to transform ideas into practical solutions that clients value.

Project selection?

With many specialties represented, it is difficult to recognize a project's potential and prioritize projects. Too many projects in the pipeline means everything is underfunded, making new service development a frustrating process for all involved.


Proposals are used to select and prioritize projects. What data and information should be covered in the proposal? Most professionals lack the time and skills to create a substantiated proposal for their new service development project.


Teams are the key to success in new service development. However, it is stressful to find suitable teammates, challenging to find common ground, and difficult to make all members pull their weight in a process already fraught with uncertainty. 

Engage, Team, Develop, Deliver

To address these challenges, team up with Organizing for Innovation. We accelerate new service development through a team-based, discovery-driven approach and milestone-driven execution. We engage your professionals, build teams, and guide them through all phases of the new service development process. 

We engage, team, develop and deliver, aiming for:

  • 2x faster trajectory from idea to implementation
  • 10x more ideas during ideation
  • 4x less time spent on proposal creation and selection
  • 10x fewer projects in the pipeline
  • 2x fewer resources consumed during development
  • 2x higher return from implemented new services  

Because time is money.