For service providers who want to act on their idea and bring it to market successfully, Organizing4Innovation provides the guidance and support of an innovation unit

Use our proven approach to create new service offerings that your clients will love!

Are you like Alex?

Are you like Alex? Alex knew her company was missing opportunities and leaving money on the table. She only didn’t know how to convince her boss about her idea.


Alex started reading about innovation. Unfortunately, most of what she read didn’t address the needs of her organization. A service firm, where human capital is key and that does not have an innovation or R&D unit.


Online, she found many useful templates and tools for her innovation project. She wondered which ones to use and when. What more, getting buy-in from the organization for her project seemed most critical, yet, no template addressed that.


She looked for an innovation workshop to give her project a boost. But it was challenging to find something that addressed the needs of her project and that she and her team could attend. Taking a few days off was not an option at the moment.


With our online training and 1:1support, someone like Alex can get funding for her project and team in weeks, and thereafter, develop a working solution and find a first paying client in just a few months.

Your path to success

Many of our clients need a budget to start and validate their innovation project. Yet, to get a budget they need to have validated – and thus started - their innovation project.

By signing up for our guidance and support, you benefit from the power of an innovation unit to get things done. Let us help you find the time and obtain the resources you need to get going and to be successful.

"When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible."

Howard Schultz, Starbucks

The first meeting

During the first meeting, we will discuss your needs and demonstrate the value of the guidance and support we offer. We guarantee that you walk away with useful suggestions that will help you in the next step of your innovation journey.

After the meeting, we leave it up to you if you want to benefit from having the power of an innovation unit behind your project, to guide and support you on your innovation journey.

We have helped innovators like you bring in more revenue than they ever expected, get results much faster than they thought possible, while getting recognition and obtaining the promotion they didn’t think was within reach.