Learn how to get your idea approved

This online course is for busy lawyers, clinicians, engineers and other professionals. Learn how to get your ideas heard, obtain approval for your new service development project, and set yourself up for success. 

6 weeks, hands-on online course, with coaching

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Generate new revenue streams

We provide training, coach, deliver workshops and develop tools that help hospitals, law firms, engineering firms, and other professional service organizations generate new revenue streams from novel high value services.


In the least amount of time

Time is the scarcest resource in the professional services. Our solutions make sure you spend your valuable time on the most critical development tasks. Don't waste time on new service projects and ideas that lead nowhere. 


With minimum risks

We help you relentlessly focus on what you don't know (yet). Build on our experience. Use evidence-based decision making and advanced analytics to take the guess work out of new service development.


Delivering a maximum return on investment

Capture new business opportunities and create new revenue streams in the most effective and efficient manner. Develop and deliver new services your clients value, while providing your professionals the opportunity to build on their knowledge, experience, and passion.




Learn how to explore, develop and implement new service ideas successfully in these unique hands-on, team-based, online training courses


Build on the expertise and experience of a coach to bring your new service idea to practice


Align expectations and create a sustainable new service development engine in these one-day workshops.


Build, foster, sustain, and optimize your new service development capabilities

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