What is impeding innovation results in your organization?

Setting the innovation strategy is one thing. Executing this strategy and getting the desired result is another.

Find out which Innovation Tactics fit your organization and will let you have control over the innovation process, so you can get more done with the same resources, prevent projects from fizzling out, avert escalation of commitment, halt pet projects, and avoid adoption challenges.

Organizing4Innovation is a SaaS company that provides structure, guidance, and metrics. Our Steering Wheel platform lets you control the innovation process and know how your projects are doing 24/7, so you can easily engage employees, drive momentum, and deliver results.


Tailored journeys

Focus on the tasks that are most important to the team and project.


Share the workload among team members.

Bite-size modules

Bite-size modules that explain what to do and how.

Top-notch content

Use the best tools at the right time: Design thinking, Agile, lean startup, customer-driven planning, effectuation, and more.


Weekly tasks

Always know what to focus on next and what the team is working towards.

Clear instructions

All tasks come with clear instructions, videos, and many examples.

Progress tracking

Weekly insight into the progress the team is making.


Performance tracking

Always know how each team is doing.

Reports with one click

Create the business case and other reports with one click.


Read our cases to see the results clients delivered within six months.

The Steering Wheel Difference

The benefits of Structure, Guidance, & Metrics

Listen to Scott Howell, the Technology & Information Services Director of McInnes Cooper. He explains in a 2-minute video how the Steering Wheel (formerly known as T4) benefited their law firm.