Organzing4Innovation offers the T4 program, a unique integrated training, project management, & innovation management platform that enables talented individuals or teams to pursue opportunities and organizations to speed up innovation.

Save time, money, and resources:

  1. Higher chance of success - Enabling teams to learn faster and succeed sooner (5x higher success rate than the industry average)
  2. Larger value add - Driving revenues and profits by keeping the information in each business case factual and by supporting data-driven decision making
  3. Lower development costs - Encouraging teams to keep things real and concrete by starting small and scaling what works
  4. Faster results - Weekly feedback & progress reporting significantly speed up the progress of teams in the T4 program (Concrete results within 6 months)

Does the T4 program sound like what you need to pursue a novel opportunity successfully? Know that you can make a start today by booking your kick-off meeting. We are ready to support your team!

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Create value and engage talent:

Sign up for the T4 program: Act upon an opportunity, experience the program, and see the first results 6 months from now

Create a culture

Impress clients:

Subscribe to the T4 program: Deliver on your strategic goals and act upon novel opportunities when they arise

Stand Out

Lead your organization: 

License the T4 platform: Bring the program inside, enhance the agility of your organization, and speed up innovation

The benefits of the T4 platform

Listen to Scott Howell, the Technology & Information Services Director of McInnes Cooper. He explains in a 2-minute video how the T4 platform benefited their law firm.


The Capterra innovation software category has given us a 5-star rating. See how our T4 platform compares when it comes to offering an innovation process & innovation management.

Based on 20+ years of research and practical experience