The cost of innovation

For firms like Google and Amazon, innovation is a numbers game. These firms invest billions of dollars in innovation and have billion-dollar successes that pay for the failures they encounter along the way.

Can you afford to play their game? Probably not.

Innovate Smarter

Many organizations engage in just a few innovation projects. That makes innovation costly and failures unaffordable. Innovation failures result in setbacks for the organization and are potentially career-breaking for the involved employees. 

We wish we could predict a priori what are winning ideas and guarantee the success of your innovation projects. We cannot. If you have a crystal ball to see the future – please let us know!

What we can do, is reduce the cost and impact of failures. Not by undertaking fewer innovation projects, but by managing innovation in a smarter way.

The result: A structured innovation process that contributes to your organization’s bottom line, makes your clients admire your organization and leadership, and makes your employees happy and proud contributors.


We work with innovation teams in the professional services (law firms, hospitals, consultancies, information technology professionals, government, etc). We help these teams be smarter and more successful in their innovation endeavors by:

  • Guiding them through a proven 5-step innovation process
  • Identifying and tackling the most critical uncertainties
  • Figuring out what works and does not work as safely, quickly and cheaply as possible


  • Using an investment mindset
  • Fostering a supportive learning environment within each team
  • Instilling data-driven decision making
  • Using teamwork metrics to predict the likelihood of a team’s future performance
  • Stopping innovation projects that turn out to be less promising than initially expected, as soon as possible

Organizing4Innovation provides innovation management support for organizations, innovation managers, and innovators

From our personal experience

At the engineering firm Dr. Blindenbach-Driessen worked for at the time, her interest in innovation management was triggered when she observed an abundance of innovative ideas of which few made it to practice. Innovation is typically described as a combination of project management, teamwork, risk mitigation, and collaboration. The engineering firm excelled in all these capabilities, yet still struggled to innovate and generate new revenue streams from their innovation activities. This observation drove her to obtain her PhD, develop an approach to innovation that works for professional service organizations, and start Organizing for Innovation LLC.


Designed for the needs of professional service organizations

We are the innovation management experts for the professional services. That is, organizations like law firms, hospitals, engineering firms, and government. Organizations that need to be smart in their innovation endeavors to make sure these efforts pay off because of the work they do and the limited scalability of their service offerings.  

Organizations we have worked with