The cost of innovation

For firms like Google and Amazon, innovation is a numbers game. These firms invest billions of dollars in innovation and have billion-dollar successes that pay for the failures they encounter along the way.

Can you afford to play their game? If not, don't avoid innovation and leave your future up to chance. Instead, innovate smarter!


Don't leave your future up to chance


Organizing4Innovation provides innovation management solutions for organizations like law firms, consultancies, contractors, healthcare providers, government agencies, etc. that engage in just a few innovation projects.

Innovate smarter


Innovation is investing in your organization's future.

Innovation outcomes are new products and services for current or new client segments.

These outcomes make a difference and have a lasting impact on your clients, organization, and profession.

Innovate smarter by not leaving things up to chance.


Life is not stagnant. To survive and thrive, organizations need to be able to anticipate and act on changing market needs and opportunities.

Innovating is fun and rewarding!

It is extremely gratifying to be at the forefront of your profession and see your clients and organization thrive because of the results of your innovation efforts.


The future is not 100% certain or predictable.

Embarking on an innovation journey is stepping into the unknown, which is scary.

This uncertainty makes that many don't even attempt to innovate.

We recognize that innovation failure is costly, yet that should not stop you from trying. Instead, innovate smarter and don't leave things up to chance!

Innovation management

Don't leave the future up to chance, manage your innovation projects

Go after new opportunities and embrace uncertainty. Know you will get it right, by managing your innovation project(s).

What is there to manage? A lot!

  • Process: Use a proven innovation process and provide guidance to each team during their innovation journey, so that the outcomes of the innovation process can be guaranteed
  • Support: Leverage the existing assets of the organization, provide incentives, build in safeguards to make most out of each innovation project
  • Portfolio: Ensure that the whole is more than the sum of your innovation projects
  • Optimization: Get the maximum return from the investments in your organization's future


We innovate with you!

At organizing for innovation, we innovate with you. We work with your talented employees. We guide and provide support for your innovation projects. You get the data and information you need to decide whether each project is worth the investment - for each step in the innovation process. You and your teams get the credit for your organization's innovation success.

Get started

How to get started? Start simple, with just an idea or project and take it from there:

  1. Start with an idea or project -> Deliver success
  2. Establish the process and support -> Repeat success
  3. Optimize -> Sustain success

Innovation Management Support



For projects


Provides innovation management support to individual innovators and project teams


  • The process
  • Coaching support
  • Progress reporting



For innovation managers

Provides innovation management support for innovation managers


  • The process
  • Coaching support for teams
  • Mentoring for innovation managers
  • Progress reporting



For organizations


Provides innovation management as a service to organizations


  • The process
  • Coaching support for teams
  • Progress reporting per project
  • Process optimization
  • Portfolio management


Starting at:


Starting at 


Starting at 


Make a difference!

Start today, and make a difference! Make a lasting impact and change the world for your clients, organization and profession!

Or in case you would like to discuss you options first, schedule a free 30 minutes consult.

From our personal experience

At the engineering firm Dr. Blindenbach-Driessen worked for at the time, her interest in innovation management was triggered when she observed an abundance of innovative ideas of which few made it to practice. Innovation is typically described as a combination of project management, teamwork, risk mitigation, and collaboration. The engineering firm excelled in all these capabilities, yet still struggled to innovate and generate new revenue streams from their innovation activities. This observation drove her to obtain her PhD, develop an approach to innovation that works for professional service organizations, and start Organizing for Innovation LLC.


Designed for the needs of organizations with just a few innovation projects

We provide innovation management support for organizations with just a few innovation projects in their portfolio. That includes most professional service organizations like law firms, hospitals, engineering firms, and government. Organizations that need to be smart in their innovation endeavors to make sure these efforts pay-off because of the work they do and the limited scalability of their service offerings.

Organizations we have worked with