Organizing4Innovation offers an online accelerator program that gives innovation teams a process to follow that is tailored to their needs, and organizations insights in what their innovation teams do, learn, and deliver.

Transparency about what your teams do, learn, and deliver

McKinsey found that just 6% of companies are satisfied with their innovation results. In these organizations, innovation is not a hype or a black hole that consumes resources. Uncertainty, novelty, uniqueness, creativity, fail fast, disruption, design thinking, customer discovery, and what more, are no excuse for not being transparent in what teams are doing, learning, and delivering.

Why our future relies on more inclusive and transparent innovation, World Economic Forum, 2019

Building Trust and Transparency Into Future Innovation,, 2019

Transparency is the new normal, top takeaways from the 2018 innovation series, Forbes 2018


Everyone talks about transparency in the innovation process, we know how to make it happen

Learn how transparency benefited our clients:

  • Transparency about metrics improved ICTU's overall outcomes of their innovation activities and helped them to create a return on investment
  • Transparency about objectives enabled Technolution to create clarity about innovation outcomes and get a six-figure contract before even finishing the development of their new offering
  • Transparency about the process helped Children's National to build trust between operations and innovation and made the crowdfunding experiment a valuable learning experience for everyone involved
  • Transparency about teamwork in a George Washington Telemedicine Program made managing their innovation projects a rewarding experience for all participants
  • Transparency about commitment helped a patent lawyer to know when it was time to stop his innovation project

Our offerings


IIf you want to test an idea and bring it to practice successfully, sign up for the T4 online accelerator program. We will guide you through the innovation process from start to finish, with content tailored to the needs of your project team. Build on our experience and accelerate your performance.


If you are overseeing a portfolio of innovation projects, consider incorporating the T4 online accelerator program, so you know what your teams do, learn, and deliver at all times. Accelerate your early-stage teams and improve the overall return on investment from your innovation activities.


If you facilitate innovation projects, for example as an innovation consultant, consider licensing our T4 platform, so you know what your teams do, learn, and deliver at all times. Provide pro-active feedback and long-term support to the teams you guide through the innovation process.

What our clients say about us

"We've been notified that we have been awarded the contract due to merit and them liking the value proposition. This a huge win and boost of confidence for our new direction, and I'd like to thank you for your part in this outcome!"

General Manager

"Our advisory board told the partners that we should work much more with a strategy, starting with the current strategy business development for the Netherlands, use that as a basis for the other countries in which we work, and then look at where we want to expand / tap new markets / etc. Finally, I feel acknowledged. Hopefully this is the end of our ad-hoc approach and that we can start working in a much more concrete and strategic way." 

Anna Everding - Business Developer KCAP

"You have no idea how grateful I am for all the help I received from you during this process. If I could award a Nobel Prize, it would go to you!" 

Annelies Geerts - PhD Candidate