Become an innovation leader

At Organizing4innovation, we make innovation leaders by offering the tools & support needed to make new things happen. Our Steering Wheel platform does the heavy lifting in providing support, reporting progress, and tracking the performance of each innovation project team. That means you can empower employees to innovate, optimize the interaction with each project team, and maximize their impact.

Our mission is to help you become an innovation leader, make new things happen, and deliver more impact than you thought possible.

Contact us, to discuss if and how you can also get:

  • 2x more engagement of employees in innovation projects
  • 3x the speed at which innovation projects come to a conclusion
  • 5x higher chance of successful outcomes
  • 10x increase in the available innovation budget

Who it is for

Join law firms, healthcare organizations, engineering firms, hedge funds, and other forward-looking organizations in confidently putting employees in the driver's seat to lead innovation.