We offer support software for innovation project teams.

Organizing4Innovation provides support software that helps you interact most effectively with each project team, so you can deliver more impact in less time.

At Organizing4Innovation, we practice innovation process management. We found that focusing on the learning of the project team during their innovation journey is a better way to manage innovation and predict future outcomes, than trying to predict the feasibility, viability, and desirability of the proposed solution.

Support software for innovation project teams

The Steering Wheel is an online platform to guide (early-stage) project teams on their innovation journey. The platform records the learning and behavior of innovation teams and then uses analytics to provide insights into the progress and performance of each team. That means you can make data-driven decisions throughout the innovation process.

Floor Blindenbach, Ph.D., developed the Steering Wheel platform because the innovation teams in the service organizations she worked with needed a lot of hand-holding. Most of the time together was, however, spent on teams explaining what they did and why, instead of looking forward to what they needed to work on next. Moreover, she realized that without innovation process management tools, it was very difficult to tell when or why project teams were struggling. Furthermore, it was impossible to know which innovation project had the highest potential to succeed.

With the Steering Wheel, you can confidently put your project teams in the driver’s seat and hand them the keys to success. Maximize your innovation impact by understanding the performance of each project team and empowering employees to drive change.


It takes people and effort to change the world for the better.


Making driving change straightforward & worthwhile.

Who do we serve?

Our cases describe the stories of project teams and organizations that used the Steering Wheel (formerly T4). You can read about examples of projects that concern digital transformation, new technologies, new business models, productivity improvements, new workflows, and new apps.

Besides a wide variety of projects, we also support various industries - law firms, hospitals, engineering firms, and information technology firms.

What is the commonality among all of these projects and industries?

Passionate professionals who want to make things better. We proudly provide such innovators with the structure, guidance, and metrics they need to succeed.

No organization ever created an innovation. People innovate, not companies.

Seth Godin