Organizing4Innovation is a dedicated, evidence-driven, innovation management as a service company, specialized in service innovation.

We offer an online acceleration program for innovation teams that helps service providers to lead change and drive innovation. This program lets teams test their new business ideas, write the business case, develop and implement the solution in less time, than if they were to do it on their own.

If you are an innovation manager or innovation consultant and are looking for smart ways to handle more teams in less time, while getting better outcomes faster, please contact us to discuss how that can be accomplished with the T4 program.

"When human capital is your main asset, the innovation process is just not the same"

- Floor Blindenbach 

Our clients have:

  • Created new service offerings clients love
  • Had clients sign up even before the new offering was completely developed
  • Gotten commitment from their organizations and budget for their innovation projects in weeks instead of months
  • Obtained recognition, because they showed their worth through their innovation efforts
  • Learned that the opportunity was not worth pursuing further within a month

Read our case studies to learn how these results were obtained.

Our team


Floor Blindenbach-Driessen, PhD, is the founder of Organizing4Innovation LLC. She is an innovator at heart and has always been involved in innovation, from her master’s degree in chemical engineering, her first job at Fluor Corporation, her Ph.D. from the Erasmus University in the Netherlands, her role at the Children's National Health System, to her faculty positions at various business schools in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the US. Over the past 20 years, she has mentored well over 100 innovators and entrepreneurs and put all this experience into the creation of the T4 accelerator program.

Dr Blindenbach has published several articles about the innovation challenges of service organizations in leading academic and practitioner journals. Her most recent publication, about time commitment as the scarcest resource in the innovation process, is a chapter in the Product Development Management Association (PDMA) Essentials.

Her motto: Talented employees have the brainpower, entrance into networks, and access to the funding needed to innovate. So let's put that to use and create valuable new solutions that make the world a better place!

No organization ever created an innovation. People innovate, not companies.

Seth Godin 

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