Organizing4Innovation offers online tailored guidance for innovation teams, enabling organizations to engage their employees effectively and efficiently in the innovation process, by:


Shifting the burden to prove whether an idea is worth pursuing to the idea-owner so that minimum resources and time commitment are required to support early-stage teams.


Providing idea-owners with the tools and support they need to write a clear project description and a compelling business case that deserve funding and attention from senior management.

portfolio management

Having objective progress and performance metrics to compare teams and prioritize funding, even when the organization supports just one team or has teams operating in very different contexts.


We have a proven track record of delivering better results faster and turning innovation into a revenue-generating process that delivers results.

The approach we used is based on years of research and practical experience of Dr. Floor Blindenbach, who has been an innovator and innovation manager herself. She has studied and coached hundreds of innovation teams and organizations to find the best practices and approaches that define winning teams.



We offer tailored online guidance to innovation teams and use our innovation expertise and experience to offer the best and most engaging online experience. Our differentiator is the pro-active feedback we give on how a team is doing, learning, and performing, which enables teams to adjust timely and the organization to obtain the best possible results. Always.



We build on the experience of each team that goes through our T4 innovation program, to make it even better.

We have tested all our programs and tools, so they are proven to be effective.

We are transparent and accountable as an organization and deliver the results we promise.



We build innovation teams that deliver results and address business challenges and world problems, regardless of the size and innovation expertise of the organization, by providing an engaging, effective, and efficient innovation process that holds innovators accountable.




Our team


Dr. Floor Blindenbach-Driessen (Erasmus University, The Netherlands) always wondered why professional service providers are not the motor of innovation, given that they have the expertise, resources, and networks to change the world for the better.

She knows the struggles of these innovators in and out, as she championed many innovation projects while working for the Fluor Corporation and Children’s National Medical Center. She wrote her dissertation and published several papers on the topic. She runs a blog, manages the Innovators in the Professional Services LinkedIn group, and facilitates workshops around the globe.

After more than 20 years in the field, she has mentored well over 100 innovators and entrepreneurs.

She is supported by Agustin Chanfreau (Columbia University), a digital transformation expert with experience in software development and data analytics.

No organization ever created an innovation. People innovate, not companies.

Seth Godin