Our mission

Organizing4Innovation enables professionals to turn their new service ideas into reality and accelerates the new service development process of professional service organizations.

We uniquely focus on the professional services. Since we believe that you - clinicians, consultants, lawyers, researchers, educators, engineers, and other professionals - have the knowledge, capabilities, and opportunity to address global challenges from pollution, corruption, and illiteracy to healthcare accessibility. Combine your insights and expertise with novel technologies, to develop new services that will help your clients and the world.

Our coaching, education programs, workshops, and tools are there to ensure you are successful in your endeavors.

We guarantee our services deliver the agreed upon results and are worth every dollar spent.



Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen, PhD, is the founder of Organizing for Innovation LLC. She has always been involved in innovation, from her master’s degree in chemical engineering, her first job at Fluor Corporation, her PhD in innovation management at the Rotterdam School of Management, to her faculty positions at various universities in the Netherlands, Belgium and the US.

She has seen many professionals struggle in their innovation journeys in spite of all the efforts put in, and while having the knowledge, expertise, resources, and networks needed to turn ideas into valuable new services.

Her research focuses on understanding the innovation challenges of professionals. She started Organizing  for Innovation to turn her ideas into reality. The result, an engaging, team-based, discovery-driven approach to new service development that suits professional service organizations, and that delivers:  

 2x faster trajectory from idea to implementation

10x more ideas during ideation

4x less time spent on proposal creation and selection

10x fewer projects in the pipeline

2x fewer resources consumed during development

2x higher return from implemented new services  

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