Our mission

We help service organizations achieve their innovation and digital transformation goals by putting in place the appropriate processes, metrics, and training programs. 

What makes Organizing4Innovation unique? We help you implement an innovation process that delivers results in your unique context, while working with the available resources and talent.

Approximately 70% of all service organizations don’t have innovation departments or a formal innovation process. Without the capabilities and infrastructure to innovate, service organizations miss out when an opportunity arises to leap forward. Since human capital is the main asset of service firms, the innovation process for services is not the same as that for products.

We are dedicated to help every service organization achieve their innovation and digital transformation goals. Make use of our experience to get your project teams the guidance and feedback they need to succeed. Build on our service innovation expertise to create and implement an innovation process that works for you.

Why is your innovation success so important to us? We know that you can change the world for the better. We also know that innovation failure is costly and not really an option for most service organizations. Therefore, we are committed to your success. We cannot guarantee that every innovation initiative you start will be successful. Instead, we guarantee the outcomes of our programs. If you put skin in the game, so do we!

Make innovate work!


Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen, PhD, is the founder of Organizing for Innovation LLC. She has always been involved in innovation, from her master’s degree in chemical engineering, her first job at Fluor Corporation, her PhD in innovation management at the Rotterdam School of Management, to her faculty positions at various universities in the Netherlands, Belgium and the US.

She saw many service organizations and domain experts struggle in their innovation journeys in spite of all the efforts put in, and while having the knowledge, expertise, resources, and access needed to turn their innovative ideas into impactful solutions. Her mission is to address and solve this challenge, by strengthening the innovation capabilities of service organizations.

Floor has published several articles on the innovation challenges of the professional services in leading academic journals. Her most recent publication, a chapter in the Product Development Management Association Essentials, will be published by Wiley in the fall of 2018.

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