Organizing4Innovation brings transparency to the innovation process. The power of T4 makes it clear what teams do, learn, and deliver. With such transparency, it becomes possible to hold teams accountable, and by holding teams accountable you will get the best possible innovation results.

Our approach is based on years of research and practical experience of Dr. Floor Blindenbach, who has been an innovator and innovation manager herself. She has studied and coached many innovation teams and organizations to find best-practices and approaches that work for (professional) service organizations.



We work with organizations where people are the main asset. It is awesome to engage with these bright, smart and clever people and help them deliver results. However, in these organizations, there are often many silos, many niche specialties, many bosses, and many competing interests. With the power of T4, we introduce an innovation process that delivers results in this setting.



We promise to be transparent and accountable as an organization and deliver the results as promised.

We have tested all our programs and tools, so they are proven to be effective.

We build on the experience of each team that goes through our T4 online accelerator program, to make it even better.



Smart and experienced professionals are best positioned to make change happen. By providing a transparent, engaging, effective and efficient innovation process that holds participants accountable, we create innovation teams that deliver results and that can address business challenges and world problems as no others can.





We practice what we preach. Our current innovation efforts are focussed on going beyond transparency. Our goals is to make the innovation processes also predictable. We strive to become what Peloton has become for people who like to stay fit, for organizations who want to innovate. Contact us to learn more about the ever increasing powers of T4.

Our team


Dr. Floor Blindenbach-Driessen (Erasmus University, The Netherlands) often wondered why professional service providers are not the motor of innovation, given that they have the expertise, resources, and networks to change the world for the better.

She knows the struggles of innovators in and out, as she championed many innovation projects while working for the Fluor Corporation and Children’s National Medical Center. She wrote her dissertation and published several highly regarded papers on the topic. She runs a blog and manages the Innovators in the Professional Services LinkedIn group.

Besides running Organizing4Innovation, she gives workshops around the globe. And after more than 20 years in the field, she has mentored well over 100 innovators and entrepreneurs.

She is supported by Agustin Chanfreau (Columbia University), a digital transformation expert with experience in software development and data analytics.

No organization ever created an innovation. People innovate, not companies.

Seth Godin