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Bring your idea to the market at lightning speed and experience the same benefits as the most innovative firms in the world. With our online training, teams receive input and feedback throughout their innovation journey from our experienced trainers.

Our unique and proven approach enables busy service providers –like accountants, clinicians, engineers, lawyers - to act on their innovative ideas.

We have helped teams and innovators:

  • Create new service offerings their clients love
  • Get commitment from their organizations and budget for their innovation projects in weeks instead of months
  • Have clients sign up for the new service before the offering was even completely developed
  • Obtain recognition, because they showed their worth through their innovation efforts

What makes us unique? We are the experts in new service development, with lots of experience and publications in highly regarded academic and practitioner journals. We know what it takes to innovate and manage innovation in a service organization. Because human capital is the main asset, the innovation process is just not the same.

Why risk failure, if you can be successful in your innovation endeavors? 

Use Organizing4Innovation to guide and support you in your innovation efforts. Get the power of an innovation unit behind your project(s).

Work with us and keep offering best-in-class services, advance your profession, reach your fullest potential, and create the highest return for your organization.


No organization ever created an innovation. People innovate, not companies.

Seth Godin 


Floor Blindenbach-Driessen, Ph.D., is the founder of Organizing for Innovation LLC. She is an innovator at heart and has always been involved in innovation, from her master’s degree in chemical engineering, her first job at Fluor Corporation, her Ph.D. from the Erasmus University in the Netherlands, to her faculty positions at various business schools in the Netherlands, Belgium, and the US. Over the past 20 years, she has mentored more than 100 innovators and entrepreneurs.

She saw many service organizations and service providers struggle in their attempts to create new and improved service offerings. In spite of all the efforts put in these innovation projects, too many failed. Her mission is to address and solve this challenge, by strengthening the innovation capabilities of service organizations, so that all these innovations and new services can contribute to her life goal - to make the world more sustainable.

Dr. Blindenbach has published several articles on the innovation challenges of service organizations in leading academic journals. Her most recent publication, about time commitment as the scarcest resource in the innovation process, is a chapter in the Product Development Management Association Essentials, published by Wiley (PDMA).

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