At Organizing4Innovation, we know what it takes to bring an idea to practice. We have been in your shoes.

We developed YIP to make innovation projects easy to plan, execute, and manage.

When working with YIP, you get to utilize the 20+years of research and practical experience of our founder, Dr. Floor Blindenbach, who has studied and coached hundreds of innovation teams and organizations.

Our offerings combine data with human insights. We take the best of both worlds – our proprietary predictive analytics and human insight - to make the innovation process manageable and help innovation project teams deliver the best possible innovation results.

Our team

Driven to help innovators succeed, Floor Blindenbach-Driessen, founded Organizing4innovation. She developed YIP, so organizations with limited innovation infrastructure can easily manage and oversee their innovation activities. She has a Ph.D. in management from the Erasmus University in the Netherlands and has 20+ years of research and practical experience with innovating in the professional services. She has written dozens of publications, assisted hundreds of innovators, with creating thousands of awesome solutions, leading to millions of dollars in new revenues.

No organization ever created an innovation. People innovate, not companies.

Seth Godin