Alignment Workshop

Align expectations

Align expectations and define the path to create a sustainable new service development engine for your organization. 

Why have a workshop?

What is your process to bring ideas to practice? What is your proposal turnaround time? How many projects are underway and how many have been successfully implemented in the last year? Do these initiatives generate the expected revenue?

Complex concepts, demanding clients, time commitment, and limited scalability make new service development challenging in professional service organizations. Without a well designed new service development process, innovation becomes a cost rather than a boost to the organization’s goals and bottom line.

In this one-day alignment workshop we analyze your current new service development capabilities and infrastructure, and work from there towards building a sustainable new service development engine that is aligned with your strategy and delivers results.  

Who should attend?

This workshop is for professional service organizations that struggle to capture new business opportunities and develop new services in an effective and efficient manner. 

The best group of participants is a combination of 6 to 25 innovators and senior managers. That is, decision makers who are involved in the execution of the organization's strategy and employees who know what it currently takes to act upon opportunities and bring ideas to practice.

What will you get out of the program?

The objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Define the new service development process and the role of innovation in your organization
  • Create a common understanding of the current new service development strengths and weaknesses
  • Analyze the portfolio of innovation activities
  • Ensure effective and efficient engagement of your employees in the new service development process
  • Create a roadmap to build a sustainable new service development engine

Workshop duration
1 day

4 weeks

The preparation includes
a survey and interviews

$3975 for the workshop
including preparations

What about the preparation?

The preparation work is done by us and is included in the workshop pricing. 

Innovation Management Scan

Four weeks before the start of the workshop, we ask participants to fill out the O4I Scan. We administer the survey and analyze the responses for you. The collected information will be used to create a snapshot of the current strengths and weaknesses of your new service development capabilities. The results will be used as a discussion-starter for the workshop.

Overview of ongoing projects

For the portfolio discussion, it is beneficiary to have an overview of all ongoing innovation projects. That is, an overview of all quality improvement, new service development, new business development, research projects etc.. If that information is not available, we can create a workaround for the workshop.


We like to conduct between 3 to 8 interviews with key stakeholders in the organization before the start of the workshop. The purpose of these interviews is to get a good feel for what your organization is like and what makes it unique. 

What is the agenda?





Interactive lecture

60 min

Innovation Management Capabilities Scan

  • Discuss results

Interactive exercise

60 min

Innovation portfolio management exercise 

  • Discuss current portfolio
  • Identify gaps
  • Discuss portfolio management challenges

Interactive exercise

60 min

Conclude morning findings


30 min

Building the innovation process as a value chain 

  • Discuss and report back to group

Case studies

60 min

Integrate or separate the innovation function 

  • Discuss and report back to group

Case studies

60 min

Creating a roadmap toward a sustainable innovation engine 


90 min

Conclusion of workshop (all)


30 min

Plan your workshop

Please contact us for more information or to schedule your workshop 

Who will be your facilitator?

Dr. Floortje Blindenbach-Driessen

Hi, I am the founder of Organizing for Innovation. I am looking forward to work with your organization. My goal is to assist you in aligning expectations, creating a sustainable new service development engine, and defining the path to get it implemented. You can read more about me in my resume.

If you have questions about the workshop, please email me at

If Dr. Blindenbach is not available on the date you would like to hold your workshop, we are happy to suggest several other excellent and experienced facilitators.

What is next?

The one-day workshop can be taken as a stand-alone program. There is absolutely no obligation to continue with us after the workshop. In case you would like help with setting up your new service development pipeline and building a humming innovation engine, we are happy to assist you. You can find more information about our other solutions here, or contact us directly to learn more about how we can assist you.