Does the pipeline of strategic and innovation initiatives in your organization look like a traffic jam, with everyone in a hurry, yet everything is jammed up? Do lots of stops and goes make initiatives take longer than expected? Is prioritization a challenge? Has implementation become a bottleneck?

If so, consider participating in the 10-question Agility Assessment. This assessment includes a performance benchmark and gap analyses. As such, it will bring you clarity about the root causes of the current hold-up(s), and insights into the next steps you could take to boost the agility & productivity of your organization.

While we support a wide variety of projects and industries, such as law firms, hospitals, engineering firms, Information Technology firms, etc., the Steering Wheel is not suited for all organizations. The assessment will also make clear if our approach is a fit for your organization and if it will deliver you the agility & productivity you are looking for.

During the 30-minute session, we will:

  1. Go over the list of 10 questions to identify how you currently go about pursuing new ideas and technologies
  2. Discuss the challenges
  3. Identify gaps
  4. Determine if there is a fit with our approach
  5. Define next steps that would help to boost the agility & productivity of your organization