Which type of development projects to pursue?

Not all innovation efforts pay off equally. Which type of development projects to pursue? Which offer most value to your clients and the highest return on investment for the organization?

Why Bother About New Business Development?

Why should you bother about new business development? Are new business development, generating new revenue streams, innovation, new service development not just commonly used buzz words?  What does this all mean in the context of professional services anyway? 

Generating New Revenue Streams

I have yet to run into a company that doesn’t have plenty of ideas. However, translating these ideas into valuable revenue generating business opportunities is quite a different story.

A Novel Approach to Business Development for Managing Partners

The Managing Partner Forum publishes the outcomes of their managing partner surveys each year. The results reveal interesting details about the challenges managing partners face. This year, 69% of the participants indicate that their main challenge is productivity, 63% face pressures on their billing rates and 53% struggle with increased competition for clients. To address […]

O4I Workbooks a Novel Approach to Business Development

Business development, doing more of the same, will only get you so far when you are trying to grow your business. However, bringing new business ideas to practice is challenging, costly, and risky. No longer. Let O4I Workbooks – a novel approach to business development – guide you along the way. It provides the educational […]