Answers as a means to learn

On our T4 training platform, we can see how teams progress by the answers they provide. One of the teams did not show any progress. So – in my role as their trainer – I reached out and asked what was going on. It turned out, the team had read all the materials, but just […]

product vs service innovation

Why service innovation is not the same as product innovation

Obviously, a new service is not the same as a new product. Yet, explaining the difference between a product and a service is not always that straightforward. Does McDonald deliver services? Is AmazonWebServices a service organization? Nowadays, the distinction between services and products becomes more and more blurred. However, that does not make that service […]

I will always be your fan!

I love cheering for my favorite teams. Whether it is my daughter’s field hockey team, one of my sons’ swim teams, or the Dutch women’s soccer team. Likewise, I love cheering on your innovation team! Turn me into a fan of yours!

Recipe for frustration

Frustration – 5-star rating This recipe creates long-lasting, deep, and full of flavor frustration! Enjoy it with any kind of innovative idea. Perfect for any job! The easiest recipe to get frustrated, with a rich aftertaste of disillusionment!

Make innovation deliver on its promise

Innovation is perhaps the most hyped word. On Google, it gives over 4,140,000,000 results. As a society, we admire innovators and expect a lot from innovative solutions. However, does innovation deliver on its promise in your organization?