Three ways to organize for innovation in a law firm

More and more law firms are jumping on the innovation bandwagon. Meantime, many law firms are still on the fence.  In this blog we compare three ways to organize for innovation in a law firm. Depending on the size and ambitions of your firm, you may prefer one approach over another.

Innovation champions in the professional services

In the professional services, it takes an innovation champion to successfully develop and implement new services. Because new service and new business development do not revolve around the development of things only. To be of value, they must become part of a valuable service offering. The professionals who are going to develop and apply the new […]

Innovation challenges in the professional services

Why new service development is challenging for lawyers, clinicians, engineers and other professionals Lawyers, clinicians, engineers and other professionals have a few things in common. They are all smart, busy, and have super specialized jobs.  Due to technologies like big data, block chain, artificial intelligence, etc, there are many opportunities for new service concepts and […]

How to make a new service team?

New service development is a team sport. How do you convene a winning team of professionals, when everyone is busy with their own work and lives? How to create a new service team that has the ability to develop the service and create a new revenue stream?  

When Coaching is Most Effective

Since very few people and teams have extensive experience with new service development, hiring a coach to help you through the process is invaluable. Coaches add value in many ways: by challenging the team’s assumptions, by pointing out the most important tasks at hand, and by encouraging the teams to keep going when the going gets […]