Starting 2018 with a Big Bang and a Cold Splash

All the best wishes for 2018! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous year! I had the fortune to celebrate New Years Eve with my family in the Netherlands. Traditions make that the Dutch end the year with a big bang and start the new year with a cold splash.

Acting upon innovative ideas survey

Why do some people act upon their innovative ideas and others don’t? Curious about the answer? Please fill out this survey and learn what drives and challenges innovative professionals.

How to convince your boss that your innovative idea is brilliant?

Are you also one of those people who see opportunities in everything. Do the people around you rarely seem to understand all the wonderful things the organization could be doing to attract current and new clients? How can you get permission to act upon the opportunities you see? How to convince your boss that your innovative […]

6 Tips to create a culture for innovation in professional service organizations

There are at least 1.3 million professional service firms in the US, who combined have a total annual revenue of $2.7 trillion dollars. The department of commerce expects that 50% of all new employment between 2012 and 2022 will be created in the health and professional services industries. In today’s world, to benefit from this growth […]

Customer discovery for mature companies; 6 lessons-learned

When I coach, I am often asked, “do you think this is a good idea?”. My answer is always the same, “Does my opinion matter?”. It does not. Only your clients can tell you whether something is a good or bad idea. The process of customer discovery – to figure out what your clients need […]