What is innovation management?

What is innovation management? The easiest way to explain what innovation management is, is by stating what it is not: Leaving the future of your organization up to chance. Innovation management is the process to ensure you get where you want to be in the (near) future. That also explains why innovation management matters.

Modernizing challenges in the professional services

Lawyers, clinicians, engineers and other professionals have a few things in common. They are all smart, busy, and have super specialized jobs. What they also have in common is that their services need modernizing. That is, they need to incorporate new technologies and service models that clients have come to expect in the 21-st century. […]

Innovation Resources

Are you an innovator or innovation manager in a law firm, hospital, engineering firm, consultancy, accountancy, non-profit, government or other professional service organization? Looking for information that will help you to innovate successfully? We have created two pages full of resources for respectively innovators and innovation managers.


I was intrigued, when I heard Pete Celano, the Director of Consumer Health Initiatives at the Medstar Institute for Innovation say he lost sleep over disintermediation. Honestly, I was initially clueless what he was talking about! Thanks to Google I quickly got up to speed. Disintermediation basically means cutting the middleman. Why would a director […]

Is Innovation Training a Waste of Time?

In a recent survey, we had anonymous respondents write comments in the line of “innovation training does not work”. I wondered what they meant, besides not getting the results from innovation training that they expected. Is innovation training a waste of time?

What You Can Do With Technology

“Don’t ask what technology can do for you, but ask what you can do with technology.” This is the marketing slogan from Microsoft for their Artificial Intelligence platform. This commercial ends with the question: “You have the power of technology at your finger-tips. What will you do with it?”.  Read More