Turn innovation into a rewarding and meaningful experience

How come that we have turned something that should be valuable, rewarding and meaningful – that is, introducing new services and developing new solutions – into something stressful? Most innovation projects cause stress because the innovation process is either a black hole where everything is unclear or a bureaucratic nightmare where projects are fiercely competing […]

Innovation Resources

Are you an innovator or innovation manager in a law firm, hospital, engineering firm, consultancy, accountancy, non-profit, government or other professional service organization? Looking for information that will help you to innovate successfully? We have created two pages full of resources for respectively innovators and innovation managers.


I was intrigued, when I heard Pete Celano, the Director of Consumer Health Initiatives at the Medstar Institute for Innovation say he lost sleep over disintermediation. Honestly, I was initially clueless what he was talking about! Thanks to Google I quickly got up to speed. Disintermediation basically means cutting the middleman. Why would a director […]

Afraid of Taxi drivers?

Are you afraid of taxi drivers? What about their dirty cabs, the lack of clarity about the price, and their often lousy knowledge of the local roads and traffic? Why I ask? Taxi driver as a profession Being a taxi driver used to be a profession. In London for example, “taxi drivers go through stringent […]

The Gap

There is a rapidly widening gap between what is technologically possible and how professionals practice their profession. This gap exists, because for each new technological advance, a high level of analysis and review is needed before lawyers, physicians, or other professionals can implement it. This prudent approach is causing a growing tension, that after 50 […]

Customer discovery for mature companies; 6 lessons-learned

When I coach, I am often asked, “do you think this is a good idea?”. My answer is always the same, “Does my opinion matter?”. It does not. Only your clients can tell you whether something is a good or bad idea. The process of customer discovery – to figure out what your clients need […]