Who is responsible for the future of your law firm?

The world is changing rapidly with regards to technology, security, international agreements, and national laws. So plenty of work out there to keep lawyers busy. However, that does not mean you can neglect the growth and future of your law firm. Who is going to make sure you stay on top and keep up with […]

Three ways to organize for innovation in a law firm

More and more law firms are jumping on the innovation bandwagon. Meantime, many law firms are still on the fence.  In this blog we compare three ways to organize for innovation in a law firm. Depending on the size and ambitions of your firm, you may prefer one approach over another.

Legal Tech Exhibit Hall, New York City 2016

Legal Tech 2015 Review

February 2-4, Legal Tech 2015 was held in New York City. Legal Tech is a well-attended conference, with great speakers, and featuring many new products in the exhibit halls. Wandering through the exhibit halls made it clear that e-discovery is hot, as are tools that secure data. In addition there were many other apps and tools designed to make the legal profession easier for practitioners and better accessible for clients.

Playing Offense and Defense in Continuing Legal Education

Most will associate offense and defense with sports and not with Continuing Legal Education. However, let me explain why it makes sense to consider training your incoming recruits to play either offense or defense. As we know from sports, it is impossible to excel at both when playing at the professional level.