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Building a Sustainable and Humming Innovation Engine

Margaret Cary and Floortje Blindenbach-Driesssen recently published an article about how to build a sustainable and humming innovation engine in the Journal of Medical Practice Management, which we hope you will enjoy reading.

Article abstract: Many healthcare organizations have or are creating innovation units. However, the results are not always as expected. That is, these innovation units are often cost centers that do not contribute to the organization’s goals or bottom line. We propose a simple five-step process to provide structure to the innovation process that will reduce the number of projects in the pipeline, align the ongoing efforts with the strategy, and increase the number of next generation and breakthrough projects. We provide an example of an education program that enables the formation of teams and the vetting of concepts, and outline a workshop to get organizations started with building a sustainable and humming innovation engine.

To download the full article -Reprinted with Permission from The Journal of Medical Practice Management®, Volume 32, Number 6, pages 403-406, Copyright 2017, Greenbranch Publishing, (800) 933-3711; May_Jun_2017_403-406.

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