Use the Push Program to deliver on a specific strategic objective.

Bring about transformation. Use the Push Program to have insights into how your projects are performing and accomplish a strategic objective within the next seven months.


  • Create buzz and energy around innovation
  • Act on a strategic priority
  • Know how the projects are doing
  • Deliver concrete results within seven months

The PUSH program

  1. Schedule a kick-off to set your campaign goals and timeline for your Push Program.
  2. Launch the campaign with a webinar or other public event to announce the Push.
  3. Invite interested participants to sign-up and get started on the Steering Wheel in the START program.
  4. At the project proposal submission deadline, download the project proposals (typically three weeks after the campaign launch).
  5. Select and announce the first-round winners (week 3) – based on the performance of the teams in the START program.
  6. The first-round winners receive support to complete the VALIDATE program.
  7. At the business case submission deadline, download the business case proposals.
  8. Select and announce the second-round winners (week 15) - based on the performance of the teams in the VALIDATE program.
  9. Support the second-round winners through the TRANSFORM program.
  10. Seven months after the initial announcement, celebrate the accomplishments of the winning teams.

What the Push Program looks like in practice

A global network organization with 150 member firms, saw their member firms struggle with the adoption of new technologies. Over the years, everyone kept complaining, but nothing seemed to change. To break this pattern, the network organization set up a Push campaign, to demonstrate that innovation projects could deliver results in months when executed in a more structured manner.

Forty participants signed up for the online webinar in which the Innovation Campaign was announced. During this webinar, ten teams committed to participate in the START program. The organization selected the top five teams to progress to the VALIDATE program. Of these five teams, four teams delivered working solutions six months after they started.

The results of the Push Program energized the network by demonstrating what could be accomplished in 6 months. Instead of struggling with adoption, the question now is when to make things happen.