Boost your organization's agility & productivity with a BIG BANG!

Launch multiple projects at once, as part of a BIG BANG INNOVATION CAMPAIGN. Create buzz and energy around innovation and/or act on a strategic priority. Deliver concrete results within 6 months.

  1. Book an information meeting to set your campaign goals.
  2. Schedule your BIG BANG campaign.
  3. Launch the campaign with a webinar or other public event to announce the campaign opening.
  4. Invite interested participants to sign-up and get started in the START program.
  5. At the submission deadline, download the project proposals (typically about 4 weeks after the campaign launch).
  6. Select and announce the winners – based on the team’s performance in the START program.
  7. Support the winners through the VALIDATE program.
  8. Select and announce the winners of the Business plan competition 12 weeks later.
  9. Support the winners through the TRANSFORM program.
  10. 6 months after the initial announcement, celebrate the accomplishments of the winning teams.

Experience of a past participant


A global network organization with 150 member firms, had 40 participants sign up for the online webinar in which the Innovation Campaign was announced. During this webinar, 10 teams committed to participate in the START program. The organization selected 5 teams to progress to the VALIDATE program. Of these 5 teams, 4 teams delivered working solutions 6 months after they started.