Hear from our customers about the impact they made:

Winning turned out to be the beginning

A few talented lawyers in the eDiscovery group were confident that there was a better way to teach other lawyers how to go about e-discovery. They won the pitch competition with a video that showed the overall vision for their eDiscovery University and the benefits it could provide to the firm's lawyers.  The team realized that despite the win, eDiscovery University was still just an idea. To make sure their project would not end there, they utilized the Steering Wheel. Read what happened in the next four months that made them prefer a skateboard over a Porsche…

Creating a win-win

In this ILTA podcast, Mayna Felix of  RMS Advogados highlights how she, as a practicing attorney was convinced to get involved in an innovation project, what support was provided to help her succeed, and what she did to solve her problem. The end result was a win for the Mayna and for RMS Advogados. She learned about the business of law and solved the communication challenge in her team, which led to the firm-wide adoption of Microsoft Teams.

Setting up for success

Listen to how McInnes Cooper shifted from spending to investing in legal technology. Two of their legal tech teams were set up for success by utilizing the Steering Wheel but in very different ways. One team used the program to create a strong business case and receive finance approval in only a few weeks. The other team thought it was best to create lessons learned a few weeks into their innovation journey.

Having impact

Dr. Aaron Martin is a pediatric urologist at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. For his Urology patients, Dr. Martin had already set up telemedicine visits. He was looking for ways to expand these services to all specialties, including prenatal care. Then the coronavirus crisis happened. The team providing telemedicine visits quickly increased from 30 to nearly 200 clinicians and from 250 virtual visits per month to 250 virtual visits per day, thanks to the prenatal telemedicine framework established and delivered while utilizing the Steering Wheel.

Saving time and money

A patent attorney sought ways to attract new clients and increase revenues. While utilizing the Steering Wheel, he realized within a month that his idea to adopt new AI-driven software was not the solution. It would require a major practice overhaul which he was not (yet) willing to make. The program helped this patent lawyer avoid wasting time and money by stopping his innovation project timely.

Generating new revenue

Technolution BV – an independent system integrator for traffic management systems – won a six-figure contract due to an innovative venture that initially seemed unfeasible, given that the initial estimates showed it would take eight years to create a positive return.

Creating a culture for innovation

Giulietta Marani, an ICTU IT advisor, saw that blockchain technology, big data, cyber, and various other technologies perplexed several parts of the Dutch government - their primary client. She envisioned how ICTU could help Dutch government agencies by creating an inspiration lab – a collaborative environment to test these new technologies. How to make that happen was the question. Transparency about metrics and outcomes helped Giulietta set up the inspiration lab and create a positive return on investment.