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Why Matter Center Matters

Microsoft released Matter Center to Git Hub today (Dec 17, 2015). Matter Center is a great opportunity for legal IT and could be a defining innovation for law practices. So, what is Matter Center and why it matters to Law Firms and corporate councel?

Creating a Truly Memorable Law Firm Retreat

Whether you are planning the next retreat, or just have completed one, it is worth taking a moment and also consider what will happen after the retreat. What came out of all the great plans and promises made at the previous one? Anything memorable?

Law innovation pays off

FT Innovative Lawyer 2015: Being an Innovative Law Firm Pays Off

Today, the Financial Times Innovative Lawyer 2015 that appeared. It has been 10 years since the first edition came out. In that time period, Allen & Overy – who have been overall winners four times in these past ten years – approximately doubled in size from £666m to £1,281m, while increasing their profit margin from 36.8% to 45.2%. So being an innovator certainly pays off! Interested to learn how? Apply to one of our free in-company seminars.

Playing Offense and Defense in Continuing Legal Education

Most will associate offense and defense with sports and not with Continuing Legal Education. However, let me explain why it makes sense to consider training your incoming recruits to play either offense or defense. As we know from sports, it is impossible to excel at both when playing at the professional level.

Professional Service Innovation | Law practice innovation

Legal Practice Innovation Management

Innovation management in law practices is still in its infancy, especially when compared to practices used in other industries. The need and benefit seem to be misunderstood. Interestingly, the arguments against innovation – we are already successful, we are different, we are growing – are exactly the same as those that support innovation and innovation management: revenue growth from novel clients and services, the ability to differentiate, and sustainable growth.

Professional Service Innovation | Law practice innovation

Law and Technology | Evolutions and Revolutions

Last week, the Georgetown Law School hosted two very interested conferences related to innovation in law practice. One was about technology trends and the other about regulatory disruption in the legal market. Also want to get ahead of the pack?

Organizing for Improvement versus Organizing for Innovation

Organizing for Improvement versus Innovation

Busy organizing for continuous improvement in your professional service organization? Both in healthcare and in the legal industry there are some great examples of how to embed continuous improvement in the fabric of your organization. Is the same infrastructure also suitable to foster innovation and new business development?

Law Innovation in the US in 2014

The US Financial Times Innovative Lawyer Ranking for 2014 is out. The picture that emerges from this version of the innovative lawyer, is one of a profession in transition. The information revolution is changing the world, including the law profession. There are new applications of technology, new assaults on data security and privacy and new forms of partnerships. The law has yet to catch up with many of these development, but lawyers are playing a vital role in bringing clarity to these issues and their profession.

10 Innovation Management Dilemmas for Law Firms

For senior management of law firms, 10 innovation management dilemmas. Do you know how to address each of these dilemmas? We are giving hints, but some answers lead to more questions. Addressing these dilemmas will help you building a great and innovative law firm.

Financial Times Innovative Lawyer 2014

The US edition has not yet been published, but the EU edition of the Financial Time Innovative Lawyer is out. This 9th edition is certainly another interesting read. However, it also makes you wonder. Is this truly the most innovative solutions legal firms have been able to come up with in the past year? Can more be done?

Business Model Innovation

In the innovation management literature, business model innovation is the new buzzword. What is it, how is it different from other types of innovation, and is it applicable to the health care and legal industries?

Underserved Legal Markets

In spite of being the largest market for Legal services, the US is also considered one of the world’s largest underserved legal markets. It is estimated that 50% of the middle income households have at least one legal problem, with only 20% seeking legal assistance, and 26% doing nothing at all. The numbers for underserved small and midsize organizations are estimated to be similar. Underserved markets typically offer opportunities for disruptive innovation.