How often should you launch a new service offering?

Does it matter how often you launch a new service offering? The answer is yes, it matters. Recent research from Georgia State University shows that the pace, rhythm, and scope of new market introductions have a big impact on the market value of pharma companies. What does that tell service firms? Finding the perfect pace […]

Business plan, case, model, or canvas?

While related, business plans, business cases, business models, and business model canvases are very different things that serve different purposes. What to use when? Business plan, case, model, or canvas? Let me first explain what is what. A business plan A business plan is a detailed description of how you plan to start and grow […]

Innovation as Cost or Profit Center?

It is often falsely believed that innovation pays for itself. Yet, medical R&D is expensive and for most hospitals innovation is a cost center, often even a money sink. Why is innovation a cash cow in industry but does not translate into revenues and growth in medical centers?

Professional Service Innovation | portfolio management

Innovation Portfolio Management

Innovation is a mean, not a goal. Innovation enables you to achieve your organization’s strategic objectives. Portfolio management is the tool to monitor whether you are on track with closing the gap between where your organization is and wants to be. Make a start with innovation portfolio management in four steps.