The Life of an Idea

What happens with an idea, after it pops up in your head? You think about it. You read about it. Do some background research. Talk with a few people… Eventually, when it has passed these initial “sanity” checks, you may put it forward to your manager, to get his or her take on your idea […]

Learn what is coming in the future

Recently I had the pleasure to speak with Dennis Kennedy, the former Vice President and Senior Counsel at MasterCard, where he focused on information technology law. He is a well-known lawyer, author, blogger, speaker and podcaster who is considered among the most influential authority on the application of technology in the practice of law. He is widely-praised for […]

How to Justify Going to an Interesting Conference or Meetup

Especially on a gray rainy day, inspiration is always very welcome. Going to a conference or meetup, to me, is like coming out of a hole. It brightens my day and turns the future into an opportunity. While I don’t always like the networking part- that seems to be a must nowadays – I like […]

Acting upon innovative ideas survey

Why do some people act upon their innovative ideas and others don’t? Curious about the answer? Please fill out this survey and learn what drives and challenges innovative professionals.

How to convince your boss that your innovative idea is brilliant?

Are you also one of those people who see opportunities in everything. Do the people around you rarely seem to understand all the wonderful things the organization could be doing to attract current and new clients? How can you get permission to act upon the opportunities you see? How to convince your boss that your innovative […]

How to Win the Hearts of Millennials?

I love design, so Nixon Peabody’s office redesign — it’s a K Street law firm in DC — caught my eye. Nixon Peabody has redesigned its interior and gotten rid of the famous corner office to make the work environment more appealing to millennials. It made me wonder, will such a redesign win the heart of millennials? Or are there better ways?

What if your clients get disrupted?

Many industries, from banking and insurance to retail, are undergoing a fundamental redefinition. In part because digital technologies are making it possible for new entrants to disrupt established markets. When this disruption is followed by changes in regulations, many incumbents find themselves having to redefine their business. You need to ask yourself: If these changes are impacting your clients, how will they impact your future business?

Creating an Innovation Engine for the Professional Services

Most companies do not perform well on innovation because they lack a coherent approach. Firms may have many elements, but these are not orchestrated to work as one coherent innovation engine like the components of a race car engine are. How should you go about creating a coherent innovation engine in the professional services?

Professional Service Innovation | A Balancing Act

Organizing for Innovation: A Balancing Act

When in charge of organizing innovation in a professional service organization, you have the challenging task of both catalyzing innovation and overseeing the innovation process. Keeping these two objectives in play can be a strenuous balancing act, but it does not have to be.

Professional Service Innovation | Dos and donts

Innovation Management Dos and Don’ts

There are many names for the Innovation Management function in professional service firms. It can be identified as new business development or quality improvement, or hidden in the marketing department. How to make sure the innovation function—whatever it is called—enables innovation to thrive in your organization?

Professional Service Innovation | Ambidexterity


In the literal sense, ambidexterity means being left and right handed. In the management literature ambidexterity refers to the ability of an organization to excel today and be ready for whatever the future brings. Is your organization ambidextrous?

Innovation process | Stifling creativity?

Innovation Management, the Killer of Creativity?

Many professionals challenge me on the need for a process to foster creativity and innovation. In their opinion creativity and innovation are the fruits of inspiration. Innovation management, or any process for that matter, would just add a smothering layer of bureaucracy…