Efficiency kills innovation

Efficiency kills innovation

Efficiency kills innovation. Efficient markets, efficient companies, and efficient employees are good for many things, but not for innovation. Efficiency is created by scaling, standardizing, and routinizing labor. While each of these efforts in itself can be an innovation effort, the relentless focus on efficiency will in the end kill society’s, organizations, and employee’s ability to […]

customer discovery during COVID19

Customer discovery during COVID19

How do you do customer discovery during COVID19? How do you test your ideas in these uncertain times when everyone works from home and nobody wants to meet you in person?  In this blog a few tips and tricks, and a list with online resources on how to do customer discovery during COVID19. The essence […]

SBDC webinar

SBDC webinar: Innovation During COVID19

To come strong out of the coronavirus crisis, businesses must keep their innovation activities going. However, that is easier said than done. On Wednesday April 15, I gave a webinar on Innovation During COVID19 for the Virginia SBDC that addressed how to innovate as a small company with limited resources in a time like this. The […]

an innovation process that delivers

An innovation process that delivers results.

Let’s be honest, the innovation performance of most companies is abysmal. Lots of money is spent on creating a culture for innovation and even more money is poured into innovation projects. Nevertheless, the innovation unit is a cost center. As a result, in a time of crisis like now, when you need innovation the most, […]

corona-virus offer

Roaring out of the Corona-virus crisis

Everyone in your organization is probably focused on dealing with the Corona-virus crisis. However, there is evidence that this is the moment to innovate as well. You may wonder how you can pull that off. What if I tell you that the only resource you need is time, at this moment?


Innovation, a luxury or necessity?

When I discuss innovation with service providers, they often consider innovation a luxury they cannot afford. In their mind, innovation is about developing fancy new devices, apps, etc and as such not a necessity. While in fact, innovation is simply a means to stay ahead of the curve. For some companies that means developing new […]

How to stop? 3 tips to prevent escalation of commitment

Sometimes it seems as if innovating is addictive. Once you start a project, you simply cannot give up. You have to bring it to a good end. At first, because it was fun and exciting. Later, because your reputation is at stake. Nobody wants to be a quitter. However, the latter could not be further […]

Invest in front-runners or laggards?

Should you invest your innovation budget in the front-runners or laggards in your organization? Should these investments go to employees and business units that are thriving or the ones that are struggling and need help? The answer is, you need to invest in both. However, for different reasons and using different selection criteria.

The outlook for 2020: Bringing discipline to the innovation process

What is the innovation outlook for 2020? I expect it to be bringing discipline to the innovation process. I foresee that organizations will take a serious look at their strategic plans, technology wishlists, and budgets, and realize that they need more discipline in their innovation process to obtain the desired results and to reduce the […]

Make innovation deliver on its promise

Innovation is perhaps the most hyped word. On Google, it gives over 4,140,000,000 results. As a society, we admire innovators and expect a lot from innovative solutions. However, does innovation deliver on its promise in your organization?

Keep early-stage teams on track

Are your innovation projects taking too long and is the return on investment of your innovation efforts too meager? We have designed a solution to keep early-stage innovation projects on track, so that you can check out a maximum number of opportunities with limited resources and quickly identify the most promising innovation projects to pursue.

More work in progress, delays progress

It may sound counter-intuitive, but the more work in progress, the more progress is delayed. That is one of the core concepts of the Theory of Constraints. I am addressing this not as a theoretical concept, but a real and serious problem that bugs many innovators and impedes their productivity. Reducing work in progress is […]