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Creating a Truly Memorable Law Firm Retreat

Whether you are planning the next retreat or have just completed one, it is worth taking a moment to consider what comes next. What came out of all the great plans and promises made at the previous retreat you held? Anything memorable?

Law firm retreat

Following up after your law firm retreat

Does your previous retreat seem like a long forgotten event, and at most you can remember the fun moments, but not the commitments? If so, your retreat was successful from a social perspective, which has value, but failed to deliver on its return on investment. And as retreats are costly, that should be a concern.

So what happened to the great ideas generated at that retreat? Or during the next work day at the office? Were savings or additional revenue generated by the execution and implementation of new initiatives? Such successes, if there were any, should be celebrated at your next event.

But what happened to all the other ideas? Did you track them? Were the champions of each initiative held accountable for their progress? Or did they simply fall off the radar screen because everyone got busy with other things?

Creating a truly memorable event

We can help you make sure that your next retreat is followed up on properly so that it has a lasting, memorable and positive impact in the workplace.

If you are interested in knowing more, we suggest starting by asking the champions of initiatives from past retreats to fill out the survey below or follow this link. Understanding what happened in the past will be essential to ensuring future success.

Just to clarify, we at Organizing for Innovation do not plan law firm retreats. For that service we would like to refer you to the many firms that do, such as or Altman Weil. Our focus is on helping you maximize the gains from your retreat after it is over.

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