An innovation process that delivers results. Always.

The T4 approach is a unique combination designed to make innovation cost-effective for service organizations that have 1 to 100 innovation projects in their portfolio. At this scale, generating a positive financial return on investment from these activities requires diligence in the execution and management of these projects. We have found a smart way to combine various functions, so you can innovate cost-effectively. Always.


Better outcomes, faster

Personal and new service development combined

By offering the guidance as a training to each team, we ensure that the organization and the participants are an experience richer with each project. The hands-on training is an excellent way for your talent to learn soft-skills such as working in a multidisciplinary team.



Training and innovation management combined

The online training helps to keep the team on track and focused. All information about each project is conveniently located in one place. Progress reports can be made with one click. And whether you manage just one team or are overseeing a portfolio of 100 teams, you have real-time data on what each team is doing.

Superior information on each team

Every innovation project is unique. However, the innovation process goes through similar phases and there are better ways to go about things. Team learning and team behavior are great predictors of future success. We can thereby help you identify your winning teams, not based on what the team is pursuing, but based on how they are pursuing their goals.

We focus on what a team is doing, learning and performing

It also enables us to follow what teams are doing, learning, and delivering. We feed that information back to the team, to help them perform better. You can also use this information to help you oversee your portfolio of teams and manage your innovation process. Transparency, accountability, results. Always.

Our offerings

Deliver innovation results

If you want to innovate successfully, sign up for our online T4 accelerator and start today! Test your idea and bring it to practice. Get guidance through the innovation process and deliver results. Why wait?

Set up for success!

Create a lasting innovation culture

If you want to build innovation into the genes of your organization, incorporate the T4 innovation process. Get innovation results and generate new revenue streams, while establishing a culture for innovation that lasts.

Deliver beyond expectations!

Make the T4 platform your own

If you want your teams to get the best possible innovation results, always, license the T4 platform. Make the T4 innovation process and platform your own, and become part of our train-the-trainer community.

Create a winning combination!