Opportunity for early-stage innovation teams of law firms

Organizing4Innovation recently received a CRCF research grant from the state of Virginia. The objective of this research project is to investigate if we can assess the progress and performance of early-stage innovation projects with predictive analytics. We hypothesize that if progress and performance metrics show when and where early-stage innovation teams need help, then it is possible to give teams better support, which will result in better outcomes. It would be like a Fitbit for innovation teams.

To test this hypothesis, we are looking to support early-stage innovation projects in law firms and help these legal innovators with creating their project description and business case.

Why participate?Value statement

Why should you participate in this research endeavor?

Because you get to:

  • Develop lawyers of the future - whether they work from home or in the office
  • Support your early-stage innovation team(s) with an online tailored innovation training program that includes weekly feedback sessions with an experienced innovation trainer, for up to 4 months
  • Test if it is possible to get better results and get these faster by proactively reaching out when an innovation team is struggling
  • Try out a novel approach to innovation management that requires no progress reporting from the participating teams
  • Compare the progress, learning, and teamwork quality of your early-stage innovation teams against that of other law firms

The support that the participating early-stage innovation teams will receive as part of this research project consists of access to our online training program and weekly sessions with an experienced innovation trainer.

Participating teams and organizations will get a benchmark report at the end of the research project that features an overview of the progress, learning, and performance of all teams that participated and how they compared. We will make sure that no details of individual teams will be revealed in this report, unless given prior approval by the team and parent organization.


Set up for successInnovators in law firms or law organizations who want to pursue an innovative idea are eligible to participate if they are trying to bring a novel idea to practice that directly impacts clients. This idea can be improving / automating / standardizing a current offering, incorporating a new technology, setting up a new practice group, developing a new service offering, etc.

Prior experience with innovation is not required.


We use rolling admissions to onboard innovation teams.

Innovators are expected to work between 1-3 hours each week on their innovation project. They can invite up to 4 team members to share the workload.

We ask a one time, $175 contribution from each team.

For further inquiries

More about this research grant, our approach, and the T4 program can be found on the Organizing4Innovation website.

Please contact us, if you are interested in participating or would like to learn more.



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