Our proven training sequence

Organizing for Innovation is dedicated to help innovators act upon their ideas. Our unique and proven training sequence “Champion your innovation project” ensures you build on the strengths of your organization and get the resources needed to succeed, so that you can change the world for your clients, organizations, and profession in no time.
There is a training dedicated to the specific needs of innovators for each phase of the innovation process:

 Let your success story start here too!



During the Drive we challenge you, to champion your idea, outline the opportunity, and create momentum in your organization, so in 4-weeks, you have everything in place to act upon your most promising idea successfully.

A good beginning makes a good ending!


You already know what your project is about and have a team in place? In this Masterclass, you draft a winning project proposal. Over a time period of 8-weeks, you will figure out your path to success, what to focus on first, and obtain permission to continue with the resources needed to develop your concept.


Develop and test your concept in 1 to 6 months (depending on the complexity of your project). Know what to focus on first, how to design and execute experiments, and secure the resources and time needed to keep going from one milestone to the next. 


Get that first paying client! The ultimate proof of success! Transfer from development into service delivery. 


Scale your solution, extend your reach, and maximize the return on investment.