Engage your employees in innovation activities

"It’s a leader's job to motivate people to go places they wouldn’t otherwise go, but when you tell employees where to go, and how to get there, it squashes the desire to come up with their own great ideas." Forbes

Telling you employees what to do will not lead to the innovation engagement or results you are looking for.

However, letting your employees wander in vain is not the solution either.

To engage your employees in innovation, you need to provide direction, training, feedback, tools, and resources. That way, they can come up with great ideas on their own, use a structured process to validate these ideas, and turn them into high value new service offerings and solutions.

Our guidance program is designed to provide direction, training, feedback and tools that enable your employees to innovate successfully. The programs help you identify the most promising teams, so you can invest your resources in the projects that have the highest chance of success.

Our proven innovation process

Our proven innovation process engages your employees, ensures each team builds on their strengths, and obtains the resources needed as they progress on their journey

Teams receive training, guidance, and weekly updates on their progress. Together, this information enables teams to learn quickly and focus on the tasks that are most important to their success. Meantime,  this data provides unique insights in the strengths and weaknesses of each project and team, that management can use to make their investment decisions.

To address the unique challenges of each team, all teams receive coaching as part of each program.

We frequently update the content and examples in our training materials, to make sure the content stays fresh and relevant.

You provide the strategic direction. We engage and follow up with each innovator and team throughout their innovation journey. Your clients and organization benefit from the results.

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Please contact us to discuss how to best engage your employees. We are happy to discuss in more detail:

  • Objectives and philosophy behind the program sequence
  • Coaching options
  • Best practices for incorporating this sequence of programs in your organization
  • Pricing options
  • Possibilities to brand and tailor the content of the programs

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Our differentiator

Our employee innovation engagement program lets your employees take action. They learn while doing. Lean startup, design thinking, and other innovation concepts are easier to grasp in theory than to apply in practice. We help your teams apply these concepts and provide feedback on their performance for every step in their innovation journey. Whether you have one team or 50 teams, we will help each team advance successfully.

To program is designed so that teams can build off our innovation experience, avoid common pitfalls, and learn to:

            Apply an investment mindset

          Use a three-legged approach to overcome market, solution, and organizational challenges

                 Proceed one milestone at a time

While as an organization the programs will enable you to:

     Provide a clear pathway to innovation success

     Foster a culture of data-driven decision making

     Match your innovation capacity with demand

      Attract, retain, and invest in your talented employees

         Strengthen your innovation capabilities

Creating a pipeline

Not all innovation efforts are successful. In fact, most initial explorations result in new insights only. Knowing what not to do is equally important as knowing what works and what to invest in.

To keep your engagement effective and your innovation costs manageable, it is important that these initial explorations happen in a time and cost effective manner.

That is why we have created a pipeline of programs that suits the needs of teams in each of the 5-steps of the innovation process:

  1. Drive
  2. Ideate
  3. Develop
  4. Implement
  5. Disseminate

Not all teams proceed through all these steps, nor move at the same pace. The sequence of programs enables you to provide each project team the guidance they need to engage and advance to the next step in their innovation journey. For more details, see below.

Program details

We use the same program set-up to engage your employees as we do to guide individual innovators and teams through the innovation journey. Details and links to this program sequence can be found below.


In the Drive program, innovators are challenged to champion their idea, outline the opportunity, and create momentum in their part of the organization, so in 4-weeks, they have everything in place to act upon their most promising idea successfully.

A good beginning makes a good ending!


Teams that have a clearly defined project and have approval to start can advance to the Ideate program. This step takes them through the ideation phase of the innovation journey. Teams will define their path to success, determine what to focus on first, and estimate the resources needed to reach the next milestone. The outcome of this 8-week program are project proposals your organization wants to approve.


Develop is for teams that have a budget and approval to develop a minimum viable concept. The Develop step takes anywhere from 1 to 6 months, depending on the complexity of the project. During the Develop step of the innovation journey, teams will figure out what to test first, how to design and execute experiments, and how to secure the resources and time needed to keep going from one milestone to the next. The outcome is a concept version of the solution that is ready to be tested in practice.


Implement is for teams that have a tested concept that is ready to be implemented in practice and commercialized. The focus during the Implement step of the innovation journey is on transferring from development to delivery. The goal of the implement program is to get that first paying client. The ultimate proof of success!


Disseminate is a workshop for teams that have successfully implemented their innovative solution in practice. Now it is time to scale, extend the reach, and maximize the return on investment. The purpose of the Disseminate program is to scale the solution, create a tribe of followers, and build a center of excellence to sustain the new offering.

We look forward to working with you!

We are looking forward to working with you, engaging your employees in the innovation process, enabling them to explore places they would not have gone to by themselves, and having your clients and organization enjoy the benefits of the innovate solutions that are created as a result.

Create positive reinforcement of employee engagement, with success breeding more success