Rent Floor's Brains

Achieve goals faster by renting Dr. Blindenbach's brains

I value time, yours and mine. So, if you want to pick my brains, I like to be prepared and give you the feedback you deserve. That takes time. So instead of me giving away free unprepared consults, you can 'rent' my brain for 30 minutes and we can have an informed substantive conversation. I promise, I will come prepared and give you my full attention, just as I do with any team in any program.

Build on years of innovation expertise and experience!

If you’re an innovator or innovation manager – or hope to become one – this is your chance to get some candid, practical, specific feedback and direction.

If you just have a question about our products or services, please simply contact us, no need to rent my brains for that purpose!

Get the fastest solutions to your challenges.
Leap over obstacles.
Increase your chances for success.

Set up a call with me. When we talk, you will get my undivided attention and answers to your questions – answers that will help you get results faster and easier than you can on your own – guaranteed or your money back.

$47 for 30 minutes

Build on our experience
and expertise

Get customized

your challenges

new avenues

Here is how a feedback session works

  1. Set up an appointment using the link and pay the fee
  2. I respect that your time with me is an investment in your future, so I take it seriously. I will come prepared.
  3. At least 2 business days before your appointment, email me anything you want me to read, see, review or watch. You can also include a list of questions you want answered during our call. Our time together will be spent creating an efficient, proven, effective strategy to help you reach your innovation goals.  
  4. At the appointed time, Skype or call in - your option. To get more out of the conversation, you are welcome to bring a colleague to the call. If you request it, your call can be recorded so you can listen to the valuable advice you’ll get over and over again.
  5. I will carefully and patiently answer your questions, talk to you about your objectives and give you my 100% focused attention to help you break through any obstacles that are keeping you from success as an innovator or innovation manager. I will give you my very best insights into the success strategies I’ve gathered in over 2 decades of working with and researching innovation teams.

$47 for 30 minutes

Value Guaranteed

If 5 or 10 minutes into the call, you feel the conversation is not valuable, please by all means let me know. We will end our conversation and you will get your fee back. Guaranteed. I don't want to waste anyone's valuable time and money.