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How Physicians Can Fix Health Care

Fix Health Care

How Physicians Can Fix Health Care, One Innovation at a Time, is a recently published book by Chris Trimble.

The book explains the role of physicians in the innovation process; they have to take the lead. Yet, Chris Trimble also acknowledges that most physicians have busy jobs. How to combine the two? The book provides nice examples how to combine today’s and tomorrow’s demands by building a shared and a dedicated team that work together on innovation projects. Chris Trimble also demonstrates the importance of experimenting, till the best solution has been found and proven to work.


What I like about the book:

  • It provides many concrete healthcare innovation examples, explaining in detail the journey the innovators made to get their ideas developed and implemented in practice
  • It addresses the role of physicians in the process. Although all clinicians are important, the book focusses on physicians as they should be role models, given their leadership position in the healthcare system
  • It explains very clearly that cost considerations have to be an integral part of the healthcare innovation process. Innovations that increase the quality of care, while reducing the costs of delivery are the type of innovations healthcare systems should strive for.

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