Case: ILTA – RMS

ILTA RMS Advogados case


Most lawyers are enthusiastic about innovation projects, until they are put in charge. The toll it could take on their billable hours, the risk of attaching their reputation to an innovation project, and simply the work itself can all be overwhelming. For that reason, they usually prefer to let someone else to innovate for them.

In this ILTA podcast, Mayna Felix of  RMS Advogados highlights how she, as a practicing attorney was convinced to get involved in an innovation project, what support was provided to help her succeed, and what she did to solve her own problem – to the benefit of the entire firm – within the time span of 4 months.

Resulting in a win for Mayna and a win for RMS Advogados. She learned about the business of law and solved the communication challenge in her team, which subsequently led to the firm-wide adoption of Microsoft Teams.