Create a culture for innovation

The T4 platform turns innovation into a simple process to follow for innovators while giving management the tools they need to prioritize projects and allocate resources. Engage your talent in the innovation process, get to concrete results in weeks, and eliminate lingering projects!

How it works


  • Recruit teams
  • Make go/no-go decisions
  • Foster an environment for collaboration between the participating teams


  • Make it simple to bring ideas to practice
  • Give tailored 1:1 online guidance to each team because every project is unique
  • Provide an experience innovation trainer for each team
  • Deliver weekly progress and performance reports for all active teams
  • Create monthly portfolio reports
  • Enable management to invest with confidence in each innovation initiative

The innovation process was notoriously difficult to plan

A fix monthly fee

Pricing depends on your volume of projects


The Capterra innovation software category has given us a 5-star rating.

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