If you are looking for clarity on the role of innovation in the organization and are overseeing a portfolio of innovation projects, consider incorporating our approach. Build transparency and accountability into your innovation process. Know what your teams do, learn, and deliver at all times. Deliver results and create a positive return on investment from innovation activities.

We have seen many innovation managers in service organizations struggle and even getting fired, because of unclear or unrealistic expectations about innovation.

Common problem are:

  • Innovation is expected to be a revenue generator, but instead it is a money sink
  • Everyone wants to be engaged in the fun parts and is willing to share their opinion, but few are interested in the hard work that needs to be done to bring ideas to practice succesfully
  • As innovation manager you are to create a culture for innovation, but with no budget or people to execute innovation projects. Nevertheless, you are expected to generate new revenue streams
  • Non-billable work is not taken as serious as billable work, which means that it is difficult to keep teams committed and together over longer periods of time
  • When an investment needs to be made, a return is expected the same year or sometimes even the same quarter
  • A tug-of-war between centralized and decentralized decision making about innovation budgets and projects

Getting started

The goal of this incorporate program is to create a role for innovation in the organization that can compete with the demands of the day-to-day business.

To get started, it is insightful for us to know what you already have in place and where you like to be.

We therefore kindly ask you to consider the 5 questions below:

  1. What are 5 things that you like about the current role of innovation in your organization
  2. Wat are 5 things that you dislike about the current role of innovation in your organization
  3. Can you describe the ideal role of innovation? What would that look like?
  4. To get there, can you list three or more changes that must happen
  5. State the timeframe you would like to see these changes happen

Use the online T4 Accelerator program?

The online T4 accelerator program is designed to make the innovation process transparent, to hold teams accountable, and to deliver results.

If you have already an established program or process in place that you like to keep, that is certainly possible. Just keep in mind, that to create a transparent process, at a minimum you need to have insights in what teams are doing. So you need to have some sort of tracking or reporting system in place if you don't want to adopt our online T4 accelerator program.

Special offer

We have a special offer for you. If you sign up to incorporate the T4 Accelerator program, the first two teams that participate are on us! That means that you can try us out and have two of your innovation teams participate in our online T4 accelerator program for free. Read below what you need to do to take advantage of this offer to try us out for free.

Your first two teams participating in the T4 accelerator program are on us!

Try us out for free!


  • Share with us your answers to the 5 questions we asked above
  • Schedule a meeting to discuss our engagement. How are you planning on incorporating our approach?


  • Try the online T4 accelerator program out by signing up 1 or 2 of your project teams
  • Compare the performance of these T4 accelerator teams with the other teams in your portfolio.


  • Outperform expectations, that is what we aim for. That is, define the role of innovation in your organization in such a way that you can exceeds the expectations of management and have innovators lined up that want to be engaged in the process, because of the awesome and innovative things you are accomplishing.

The first two teams participating in the accelerator program are on us!

Try us out for free!

Define the role of innovation in your organization. It is worth it!