Let YIP drive your innovation performance

Innovation in the workplace does not happen on its own. It requires deliberate, diligent, and concerted effort.

Let YIP take care of your training and reporting needs, so that you can focus on the execution of the overall strategy, investment decisions, collaboration between teams, etc. while building a culture for innovation.

How it works


  • Set your annual innovation budget and goals
  • Recruit teams
  • Make go/no-go decisions
  • Foster an environment for collaboration between the participating teams


  • Offer a clear path to innovation success for your innovators
  • Provide YIP as an innovation project manager for your teams
  • Deliver weekly progress reports and 24/7 tracking of all active teams
  • Create monthly portfolio reports
  • Enable senior management to invest with confidence in innovation initiative

Innovation project management

Innovation project management as a service

Special offer

We have a special offer as part of the Incorporate package. If you commit to a minimum of 5 project teams for the first year, then we will provide our alignment session for free. A session in which we will discuss expectations with your leadership and set the innovation goals for the coming year.

$1975 per month*

*For an annual subscription


The Capterra innovation software category has given us a 5-star rating.

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