Let YIP drive your innovation performance

Innovation in the workplace does not happen on its own. It requires deliberate, diligent, and concerted effort. Does your current innovation methodology consist of one-off projects? Would you like to create a culture for innovation in your organization and have an innovation process that you can rely on?

By incorporating YIP you can invest in the success of your teams and produce results that allow your organization to invest with confidence in each project.

How it works


  • Set your annual innovation budget and goals


  • Align the innovation budget, goals, and expectations in a half-day innovation workshop
  • Engage your employees in the innovation process
  • Offer a clear path to innovation success for your innovators
  • Provide YIP as an innovation project manager for your innovation teams
  • Deliver monthly portfolio reports on the teams that are active on the platform
  • Enable senior management to invest with confidence in innovation initiatives
  • Ensure a positive financial return of investment from your innovation activities

Optional we:

  • Mentor your innovation manager
  • Perform a check-up on your innovation capabilities to fine-tune your innovation process and increase its output

Innovation project management

Innovation management as a service

Special offer for starters

We have a special offer for organizations that use YIP for the first time:

  • We facilitate up to 10 new opportunities from start to finish in the first year.

In addition, you will get:

  • An annual half-day alignment meeting, in which we will discuss expectations with your leadership and set the goals for the coming year
  • Monthly portfolio reports of the teams that are active on the platform
  • Mentoring for your innovation manager - the person accountable for the innovation process in your organization
  • A semi-annual assessment of your innovation capabilities, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your innovation process, capabilities and innovation infrastructure
  • Access to the YIP for any additional team at a 10% reduced fee

These additional services, a total value of over $25,000, are included for free in this special offer.

$3975 per month*

*For an annual subscription


The Capterra innovation software category has given us a 5-star rating.

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