Make it simple to bring ideas to practice

The T4 platform turns innovation into a simple process to follow for innovators while giving management the tools they need to prioritize projects, allocate resources, ensure buy-in, and deliver valuable results within six months.

How it works


  • Recruit teams
  • Make go/no-go decisions
  • Foster an environment for collaboration between the participating teams


  • Offer a simple innovation process innovators can follow to bring their idea to practice
  • Provide an experience innovation trainer for each team
  • Deliver weekly progress and performance reports for all active teams
  • Create monthly portfolio reports
  • Enable senior management to invest with confidence in each innovation initiative

The innovation process was notoriously difficult to plan

$1975 per month*

*For an annual subscription that supports five projects


The Capterra innovation software category has given us a 5-star rating.

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