Innovation in the Workplace

Better results faster

Innovation in the workplace and engaging employees in the innovation process requires more than putting up an idea box, giving them a one-pager to fill out, or giving them time to innovate.

If you want to make idea owners responsible for validating their own ideas, you must give them the support to do so and have the ability to hold innovation teams accountable for what they do, learn, and deliver.

Innovation in the workplace

Put the burden of proof on the idea owner

You put the burden to prove whether an idea is worth pursuing with the idea-owner. So that minimum resources and time commitment are required from the organization to support these early-stage teams. At the same time, you provide idea-owners with the tools and support they need to write a compelling business case that deserves funding and attention from senior management.

Let Idea owners prove themselves

All information in one place

Real-time data on your progress

The T4 online innovation training program helps to keep the team on track and focused. It also makes that all information about each project is conveniently located in one place. Whether you manage just one team or are overseeing a portfolio of 100 teams, you have real-time progress data. Progress reports can be made with one click.

Superior information on each team

Every innovation project is unique. However, all teams go through similar motions to define their project, explore options, and validate their findings. Since team-learning and team-behavior are great predictors of future success, you can identify winning teams, not based on what a team is pursuing, but based on how they are pursuing their goals.

Real time progress data

Combine innovation and personal development

Personal development is included

By offering training and support to each team, you ensure that the organization and the participants are an experience richer with each project, regardless of the outcome of the project. Hands-on innovation training is an excellent way for your talent to learn soft-skills such as working in a multidisciplinary team.

An online innovation training program with weekly trainer sessions

Team members often work from different locations. The T4 platform is 100% online. To keep it personal, an experienced innovation trainer provides weekly feedback meetings. The trainer is there to help each team perform even better. They will point out what to focus on, help avoid common pitfalls, and ask critical questions if needed.

100% online with a trainer

What our users say:

T4 helped me to develop and value a business idea before I put it to market. After our research, we concluded that the idea would not be a commercial success for our business. Without T4, we either would have put this to market (which would have wasted our time, energy and money) or we would have stayed in the 'what if' mode for a few years. With T4, in just a few weeks, we concluded to focus our energy on other more valuable innovation projects.”

Esther van de Storm – Innovation Booster, Stormpunt

"Great experience! I gained a lot of knowledge regarding business.

I am in healthcare so I am not used to the business side of things as I typically do not handle those aspects of my practice. This program was superb for teaching me the other side of my career. I was taught how to accurately assess items such as finances, billing, interviewing, and how to think from a business perspective. It definitely made me think outside of the box which was worth it as it taught me so much! I would highly recommend this program!"

Sherry L - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Children's Hospital New Orleans

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Birdseye view of the training content

The picture below shows the default path. Since each team is unique, we tailor the content of the training to the needs of each team by switching modules out and/or changing the order.

Cost effective?

Is it cost-effective to have your employees engaged in these innovation projects? Is it not more efficient to have an innovation staffer do this work?

The T4 approach is cost-effective because it:

  1. Results in a more selective innovation process, with more ideas going in, investments in better projects, and overall better outcomes.
  2. Builds organizational buy-in and commitment for each project as part of the process.
  3. Combines personal and new product development, so the idea-owner and the organization will be an experience richer regardless of the outcome of the project.
  4. Incorporates training and innovation management saving the team and organization administrative tasks.
  5. Puts all information in one place, so the trainer can pro-actively intervene when needed and teams don't waste time going off on a tangent.
  6. Generates benchmark data that shows how teams perform compared to others, which helps all teams to perform better.
  7. Saves team members 1-2 hours per week over the course of their innovation project because the T4 training keeps them on task.

The right person?

Is the idea-owner the most suitable person to do this work?

We don't expect idea-owners to drive their entire project from idea to implementation. That would be unreasonable and ineffective. We ask them to be in the driver seat at a minimum to develop a convincing project description and compelling business case. Because who else would be better equipped to explain what a great opportunity it is?

As part of the process, we encourage idea-owners to build a team. First, because innovation is a team sport. Second, because we know that many different skill-sets are needed to bring an idea to practice.

Thus, we require idea-owners to put their project on the rails and help the team to prepare for others to take over if that is in the best interest of the project.