Innovation management as a service

Innovation management as a service

Innovation Management expertise, capabilities, and support when you need it. The perfect program for organizations with just one or a few ongoing innovation projects.


Get the innovation support you need when you need it


Act upon innovative opportunities when they arise, without the continuous burden of an innovation unit.

Innovation as a must-have capability

According to the management literature, you should innovate all the time to keep ahead of the competition and survive.

However, I know from my research that about 70% of service firms innovate only when an opportunity arises. Less than 30% of service firms have a structured innovation process.

Unfortunately, without a structured innovation process, it is difficult to act and innovate successfully.

Innovation Management as a Services addresses this problem. We innovate with you. You bring in the ideas and innovation goals. We provide structure to your innovation process. We work with your people to develop, implement and deliver new high-value service solutions. 

How does Innovation Management as a Service work?

Getting started with Innovation Management as a Service is easy: 

  1. Schedule your intake call and answer a few brief questions
  2. During the call we will discuss the intake process for teams, your innovation goals and budget for the year, and selection criteria for each of the 5-steps of the innovation process
  3. You bring your eligible teams in contact with us
  4. We guide these teams through the 5-step innovation process
  5. We provide monthly and quarterly updates on each of the team and your portfolio of innovation activities


Innovation capabilities when you need them

Innovation Management as a Service gives you the flexibility to innovate on demand.

Your employees bring in the insight in your workflows, clients, and expertise of their profession. We guide them through our proven structured innovation process. In the process, we compliment their knowledge with our innovation management expertise and experience. 

You will have clear oversight and be informed about all ongoing innovation activities with monthly updates at the project level and quarterly updates at the portfolio level.

Innovation Capabilities on demand



Monthly project
progress updates

Quarterly portfolio

Starting at

Our differentiator

  • Based on nearly 20 years of experience and research we have created an innovation process that works in professional service organizations
  • Whether you have just one, a few, or a pipeline full of innovation projects, we will help you deliver the maximum results given the available means

We use the following building blocks to innovate smarter and guide your projects through the innovation process:


Outcome Guarantee

Your success is important to us! We therefore guarantee the outcome of all the programs we offer. That does not mean we guarantee the success of every single innovation project you initiate. Essential to an effective and efficient innovation process is to timely stop initiatives that turn out to be less promising than expected after some initial research and exploration.

Before starting the Innovation Management as a Service Program (and each year thereafter), we will set goals together. If those goals are not met at the end of the year, you will get your program fee back. Guaranteed.

That means that we are personally guaranteeing your innovation success!