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Check out your organization’s INNOVATION PROCESS TYPE with this 5 min QUIZ!

Are you looking for ways to create forward-looking leaders and boost the innovation culture in your organization?

Take the 5-minute QUIZ to find out the Innovation Process Type of your organization, because creating a culture for innovation and forward-thinking leaders starts with knowing what approach to innovation your organization is using.

Knowing the Innovation Process Type can significantly improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the innovation process and thereby the overall performance of your organization.

Because the Innovation Process Type defines who approves projects, who pays, who does the work, and the role of the innovation unit.

Our mission at Organizing4Innovation is to deliver the tools and expertise organizations need to create affordable and sustainable innovation cultures. We do so by turning innovation into an organizational learning habit. In the process, we create forward-thinking leaders and organizations.

The Innovation Process Type Quiz is such a tool, designed to bring instant clarity about the best practices that match the Innovation Process Type of YOUR organization.

Take the 5-minute Innovation Process Type QUIZ and find out how to give the innovation culture in your organization a boost!





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