Your Innovation Project Manager

Meet YIP!

YIP (Your Innovation Project manager) is a unique combination of innovation project management and online learning. YIP supports innovation teams during their innovation journey from idea to implementation.

The program

The program consists of a tailorable series of bite-sized modules. The first series of modules help teams draft their project description. The modules address topics such as – Define the client, Develop value propositions, Identify alternatives, Identify stakeholders etc. It takes teams about 3 weeks to complete their project description.

The second set of modules feed into the business case. These modules cover topics like: Verify the need, Calculate the cost, De-risk your project, Draft the milestone plan, Justify the investment, etc. It takes teams between 9 and 16 weeks to complete the business case, depending on the complexity of their project.

The phases thereafter cover the development of the solution and the delivery of the new offering.

During the development of the business case, teams start doing small experiments to collect data and test critical assumptions. Over time, the training modules become secondary, while experiments and the actual delivery of the new offering start to play a dominant role.

Throughout the journey, the program offers ongoing progress and performance tracking, weekly feedback meetings, and weekly progress reports.

By the way, YIP is a combination of bot and human. We take the best of both worlds - our proprietary predictive analytics and human insights - to get you the best possible innovation results.


Innovation projects are notoriously difficult to plan and manage. Now, that is no longer the case. YIP has 20+ years of research and practical experience with managing innovation. These data and deep insights are used to improve the progress and performance of each innovation team.

With weekly targets, weekly meetings with an innovation expert, and weekly progress reports that are automatically generated - teams are able to learn quickly and make a lot of progress in a very short period of time.

Teams in the YIP program are able to deliver concrete results within 6 months, when working on their project consistently and putting in at a minimum 3-5 hours each week as a team.

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What our users say

"Thanks to the T4 program we could answer all the questions from the [innovation] committee. All the information they asked for, we had tested. The T4 program helped me to be well prepared.”

 "It was a good exercise. The program asked good probing questions that got me thinking. It refined my outlook on my practice and I profited from evaluating the opportunity. I certainly would recommend participating in the program, especially when the right opportunity comes along.”

“I just wanted to take a moment to again say thank you for the guidance and advice during our project.  You [their trainer] had wonderful ideas, were tremendously supportive, and a pleasure to work with.  I look forward to keeping in touch."

 "The weekly meetings and progress reports created a sense of urgency that helped us to make things happen."

Getting started

What do you need to get started?

  • Idea – You need to have an innovative idea you want to bring to practice or a problem that requires an innovative solution.
  • Time – The more time you put into advancing your project, the more progress you will make. At a minimum, the team should put in 2-5 hours each week. Because you can divide the workload among your team members, even the busiest service providers are able to participate in a meaningful way in our experience.
  • Team - The ideal team consists of 2 - 4 people who can do the work and a project champion in senior management. If needed, YIP can help you with building your team.


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