Innovation Tactics Session

Drafting up the innovation strategy can be challenging. However, executing this strategy is often even harder:

  • Less than 6% of managers are satisfied with their organization's innovation results. On average only 20% of innovation projects deliver up to expectations, for digital transformation projects this number is even lower.
  • A PwC survey revealed that only 42% of firms with an innovation function have clear metrics in place to track progress
  • The best-in-class firms use a structured process and have 3x shorter development timelines and 5x higher success rates than firms that don’t use a structured innovation process.

Find out if the data-driven and opportunistic innovation approach fits your organization. Learn about Innovation Tactics that will let you have control over the innovation process, so you can prioritize projects, get more done with the same resources, prevent projects from fizzling out, avert escalation of commitment, halt pet projects, and avoid adoption challenges.

Innovation Tactics

Merriam-Webster defines tactics as the science and art of arranging and moving forces in combat: the art or skill of using available means to accomplish an end. Innovation tactics are exactly that: The structure and practices you will use to accomplish the organization’s innovation strategy, given the available means.

In many firms, there are many more opportunities to innovate than the firm can execute. So, first, how can you make sure you only invest in the most promising initiatives?

Second, how to make sure that projects are set up for success? We know that a good start is half the work, so what innovation tactics do you have in place to put each project off on a good start?

Third, for innovation activities to pay off, successes must be scaled. While that may sound obvious, in many organizations successful innovators have no incentive nor appetite to help others adopt the new solution. So, which tactics are you going to use to scale successes?

Complimentary innovation tactic session

Use the 45-minute Innovation Tactics session to learn if a data-driven & opportunistic innovation approach suits your organization. We will go over Innovation Tactics that suit your circumstances and organization.

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