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Fast Company’s Top 50 Innovative Companies

Fast Company's 2015 selected companies

Fast Company has produced its list of the world’s most innovative companies in 2015. A fascinating list with 50 even more fascinating firms and organizations. 

For the full list, we refer you to the Fast Company website (see here). Below is a brief overview of the top 10:

Number 1: Warby Parker

You may never have heard of them. Warby Parker sells eye wear online. The revenue of this young, 5-year-old company are over $100 million according to insiders.

Number 2: Apple

No surprises here, although it is remarkable how this company has stayed at the forefront of innovation, even after Steve Jobs’ passing.

Number 3: Alibaba

Most of us know little more about Alibaba than that it is the Chinese version of Amazon and E-bay which went public on the New York Stock Exchange last year. The featured cool fact shows how powerfully the company is impacting Chinese culture. “Alibaba has invented a blockbuster sales holiday: Every November 11 is “Singles Day” in China. Alibaba created it in 2009 as a sort of anti–Valentine’s Day, and last year it resulted in more than $9 billion in sales passing through Alibaba.”

Number 4: Google

Google is known for its innovativeness, but did you know that recently it very successfully launched Chromebooks? Chromebooks is a fully functional laptop, since gmail, google drive, etc., can be used offline. With a base price of under $300, it is especially popular in schools and has become the best-selling device for K–12 in the US.

Number 5: Instagram

It is ranked number 5 for its collaboration with the fashion industry, which uses Instagram now as its favorite marketing platform.

Number 6: ColorOfChange

Not a firm, but a non-profit organization that brings the civil rights movement into the 21st century.

Number 7: HBO

Now also featured on Amazon Prime.

Number 8 Virgin America & Number 9: IndiGo

Both airline companies make flying a cheap and comfortable experience.

Number 10: Slack

If your workday is burdened by e-mails, you may want to check out Slack’s alternative to office e-mail.

In conclusion

These are only the top 10 of the list of 50—a list which is certainly worth looking at. Interestingly, no professional service firms are among these top 10. Perhaps the list has a bias for business-to-consumer firms, or for firms that produce gadgets, but more likely very few professional service firms have figured out how to build a reliable pipeline of innovative offerings.

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Fast Company: List of most innovative companies in 2015