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Keep early-stage teams on track

Are your innovation projects taking too long and is the return on investment of your innovation efforts too meager? We have designed a solution to keep early-stage innovation projects on track, so that you can check out a maximum number of opportunities with limited resources and quickly identify the most promising innovation projects to pursue.

The T4 Program

We are convinced that we now have a training program that saves time for teams and innovation managers, delivers high-quality project plans, and firmly anchors each innovation project in the organization.

To confirm this, we are looking for beta testers for our T4 program.

T4 stands for a Task-based, Team oriented, Trainer-supported, Online Training.

The program is designed for

  • Talented individuals or teams at the early to mid-stage career level;
  • Who want to address a problem with an innovative solution, or explore a novel new business or new service opportunity;
  • Who are able to commit between 1-4 hours/week on their innovation project;
  • And whose innovation projects are at the early stages (just have an idea and not much more).
The training program is adjustable to the needs of each team, by (de)selecting and rearranging the order of the training modules.

T4 beta test

We are currently looking for innovators and teams who would like to participate as our first cohort in the program.

The beta test program starts October 1, 2019. Contact us to learn more and see if you qualify as one of the maximum 20 teams that get to experience the benefits of T4 first.

Besides eternal fame and a significantly reduced fee, beta testers also will benefit from additional perks such as extra training sessions.

Teams that participate will have a project description at the latest by end of October and a detailed project proposal approximately eight weeks later. Assuming teams spend between 1-4 hours per week on their project while participating in the program.

On track

The beta test program kicks off the first week of October and keeps early-stage innovation teams on track to deliver their first results in weeks.

Participation in the first phase of the training program results in a description of the project. The program focusses on what the new service will mean for the user and helps the team anchor the project in the organization.

A successful team can then proceed to the second phase of the training program, which helps the team to create their business model and plan for the further development of the new service. The outcome of this second phase is a detailed project plan that sets up the team for success in the development and implementation phases.

Phase 1 can be completed in just days and should take the slowest teams four weeks maximum. Phase 2 will take approximately eight weeks.

If you are interested in participating in the beta test, please contact us or send Floor Blindenbach an email at info@organizing4innovation.com as soon as possible, so that we can set up a call to discuss further details.

Looking forward to onboarding you!