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Welcome to the Challenge 2022!

On this page, you can find information about the 2022 Lex Mundi T4 Challenge.

After a successful pilot of the T4 program with five Lex Mundi member firms, Lex Mundi would like all legal tech and digital transformation project teams to get better results fast in 2022!

If you have an idea or project, set your teams up for success and get to concrete outcomes within 6 months. Getting started is simple, sign up for the program by planning your kick-off meeting.

The winners of the Challenge 2022 will be given the opportunity to participate in the T4 program for free.


On February 3rd, at 10 am EST there a webinar with a Q&A session was held to provide details about the T4 program and the Lex Mundi Challenge 2022. A recording of this session can be found below:


Participating teams are to write their project proposal on the T4 platform. Access to the platform can be obtained, by signing up for a kick-off meeting.

To compete in the Challenge you will be asked to complete a minimum of three modules:

  1. Define your idea
  2. Describe you end-user
  3. Develop value propositions

While there are just a few questions to answer, it has taken previous teams between 1 and 2 hours to complete these three modules. The answers a team provides will automatically feed into the team's project proposal. Answers can be revised and updated till the deadline.

To have a chance to win the challenge and get support for the full 6 months, you are advised to be more elaborate and complete the other modules on your team's journey. This will be another 1-2 hours of work.

Please know, you can share the workload with up to 5 team members.

Type of projects

The T4 program is best suited for client-facing innovation projects. These can be innovation, digital transformation, or legal tech projects. Examples from past projects are the development of a client portal, the implementation of an automated/virtual version of an existing offering, the creation of a new practice group, and the development of a standardized/low-cost offering.

Selection criteria

The six available seats that Lex Mundi has purchased will go to those teams that have shown to:

  • Commit to what they promised to do
  • Put in a truly collaborative effort
  • Be driven to execute the project and learn as much as they can in the process
  • Offer specificity in their answers as to what the project is about
  • Work diligently and provide documentation there were relevant

The Lex Mundi innovation team will select and announce the winning teams.

The timeline

  • The challenge will start Feb 3, after the webinar
  • Teams can plan their kick-off meeting any time between Feb 3 and Feb 22. The sooner the better as that leaves you more time to submit your proposal
  • The due date for the project proposal is Thursday, Feb 24 at 6 pm EST. We will download the project proposals from the T4 platform and those will be used for the selection.
  • Lex Mundi will announce the six winners on March 1

What previous participants have said about the program


For questions and inquiries about the Lex Mundi Challenge, please contact:

Andy McDonnell | Senior Manager, Technology & Innovation

amcdonnell@lexmundi.com | Mobile +353 87 1447789

For questions about the T4 program:

info@organizing4innovation.com | +1 571 224 8752.