Bring transparency, accountability, and results to your teams.

A powerful combination

You can make our approach yours, by providing your own trainers and white-labeling our online program.

We gladly support you, and create a licensing package that works for you.

For example, if you are an innovation consultant with expertise in design thinking, you may consider using the online accelerator program as a follow up from your workshops. Give your teams a spark to get started and then offer online guidance for the long-term follow up. A powerful combination to bring ideas to practice successfully. 

Or if you are an innovation manager and overseeing many teams, you may consider creating your own community of innovators and building your own trainer capacity.

Or if you have teams that are dispersed over several locations, have team members learn and develop their ideas together. 

License the approach

Let's join forces and create a winning combination! Contact us to discuss the options.