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What Makes Innovation Management Different for Professional Service Organizations

Organizing4Innovation recently held a webinar about innovation management in professional service organizations. While working with you—engineers, lawyers, or clinicians—I have always wondered why you, the brightest, smartest, best educated, struggle to innovate? Why are you professionals not the drivers of innovation in our economy? With plenty of challenges and opportunities, as we will see, what needs to happen to unleash the innovation potential of professional service organizations? Rick Whittemore and I tried to answer this question in this webinar.

Rick Whittemore has spent his career at the intersection of technology and business.  He has both worked at Fortune 500 companies and been a co-founder of a couple of startups.  At CGS Advisors, he is leading a team to incubate innovation within a strongly operationally focused Fortune 500 company, giving him first-hand experience with the challenges of introducing innovation into a large organization.

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Interested in learning more what CGS Advisors can do for your organization? Please contact Rick Whittemore at rick “dot” whittemore “at” cgsadvisors “dot” com.CGS advisors logo