New service development platform – in development

The new service development platform we are developing is an online training, project management, and analytics platform that enables professional service providers to create, select, manage, and optimize their pipeline of new service initiatives. 

Our development goals:

We aim to development a new service development platform that enables professional service organizations to:

  • Engage employees effectively in new service development
  • Train inexperienced innovation champions and teams
  • Obtain fewer, higher quality proposals, in less time
  • Identify and differentiate between good and excellent teams
  • Show real-time progress for all projects in the ideation, development, implementation, and diffusion phases
  • Compare project validation metrics to know which projects deserve further support
  • Facilitate the building and testing of (intermediate) new service solutions
  • Use external validation metrics to provide insight in the actual potential of opportunities and projects
  • Turn new service development into a revenue generator

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