Obtain buy-in

Sign up for the T4 online innovation training program and write a convincing project description and a compelling business case, so you can bring your idea to the next level.

Set up for success!

Create a culture

Offer the T4 online innovation training program to your innovation teams and let us manage your innovators, so your organization can invest with confidence in each project.

Use a winning approach!

Stand Out

Offer the T4 online innovation training program to your innovation teams and use the innovation management platform to create a revenue generating project portfolio.

Deliver beyond expectations!

Innovation in the workplace

Empower your employees by giving them the means to act upon ideas and opportunities in a structured and cost-effective manner.

Set up for success

Free tools to get you started

Is your project set up for success?

We have developed a short 12 question checklist that you can use to check if your team is set up for success. A good start is half the work!

readiness assessment

Get approval to create the business case 

Because early-stage teams often don’t have funding, we offer the first phase of the T4 online innovation training program for free. Create an enthralling project description that will get you the funding you need to draft the business case for your project.

Is your organization set up for success?

Identify your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in its innovation capabilities, process, and infrastructure. This organizational scan benchmarks your scores against those of over 100+ other professional service organizations.

Capability scan

Thought leadership

Thought leadership

Build on the years of research, expertise, and experience of Organizing4Innvoation. Learn more about best practices for innovation management in the (professional) services.