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Leap forward, leave your mark, and make a difference!

With Organizing4Innovation's Innovation Support you can leap forward, leave your mark, and make a difference.

Whether you need to execute just one innovation project, need to establish an innovation process, need an innovation training program, or need to manage a portfolio of innovation projects, we will help you reach your innovation goals in a manner that is revenue-generating, contributes to the work pleasure of the engaged employees, and turns your clients into loyal fans.


Innovate smarter!


We use the following path, to achieve your innovation goals:

1. Understand the organizational context

All organizations are unique and have their own culture, risk tolerance, innovation ambitions, and innovation capabilities.

We help teams, innovation managers, and leadership understand how they can leverage the strengths of and overcome potential innovation challenges in their organization.

2. Deliver impactful outcomes

Only the innovative solutions that get successfully implemented in practice can make a lasting impact.

We therefore help organization to initiate innovation projects and make sure these initiatives result in outcomes that make a difference. That includes identifying and stopping less promising opportunities to save valuable time and resources.

We guarantee the outcomes of our programs for each step of the innovation process.

3. Create an aligned portfolio

We ensure that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We achieve that through:

  1. Establishing an innovation pipeline that delivers.
  2. Identifying and weeding less promising initiatives based on data and team performance, and in a timely manner.
  3. Ensuring that the portfolio of innovation projects is aligned with the organization's strategic goals.
  4. Fostering a pipeline with a healthy mix of first, second, and third horizon innovation projects.

4. Sustain momentum

Success breeds success. Build on the successes of your pioneering and established innovators. Use their stories as examples to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

Use data to optimize your innovation process. Expand your portfolio and innovation capabilities till you have the appropriate balance between current operations and innovation projects in horizon 1,2, and 3.