Get from idea to the best possible results. Make the most progress with the least effort, with checks at each phase (START, VALIDATE, TRANSFORM, SCALE) to avoid escalation of commitment.

  1. Book an information meeting, to learn more about the proven path to success and to discuss if the program is a fit.
  2. Plan your kick-off meeting.
  3. Pay the Start Program fee ($ 1450) and register your team.
  4. Participate in the kick-off and start your innovation journey!
  5. Follow a tailored series of bite-size modules. Divide the workload of 3-5 hours per week to best suit your team.
  6. Complete the project description. Get clarity about your project's purpose, boundaries, and the work ahead.
  7. Two weeks after your kick-off meeting, continue (VALIDATE), take a break, or stop.

The 2-week START program includes:

  • Access to the Steering Wheel platform
  • A series of tailored bite-size online training modules
  • A 45-minute virtual kick-off meeting with your master innovator
  • 1:1 feedback from your master innovator at the start of the second week (a 30-minute virtual meeting)
  • A review of your project description a day before your deadline

START is the first of the four tiers of the Program. Details about the full program can be found under the FULL Program details.

“If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude.” - Maya Angelou