DErisk your innovation project

Derisk your innovation project and get the desired results. Participate in the Project Program and use our data-driven approach to deliver concrete results within six months.

In the Project Program, your project team will follow a tailored journey and receive weekly guidance for your project, so you will:

  • Have a shorter development timeline
  • Save time and resources
  • Obtain buy-in from the start
  • Ensure adoption
  • Have the highest chance of success

The Project Program Timeline

  1. Plan your kick-off meeting.
  2. Register your team.
  3. Participate in the kick-off and start your innovation journey
  4. Follow a tailored series of bite-size modules.
  5. Divide the workload of 3-5 hours per week to best suit your team.
  6. Complete the project description (2 weeks after the kickoff). Get clarity about your project's purpose, boundaries, and the work ahead.
  7. Continue (VALIDATE), take a break, or stop.
  8. Complete the business case (4-12 weeks). Get clarity about your user's needs, the project's financials, and your organization's requirements.
  9. Continue (TRANSFORM), take a break, or stop.
  10. Deliver a tangible solution within 6 months

Steps 1-3 can be done within 2 days.

Further details can be found under the Project Program details.

What Makes the Project Program Unique (and Successful)?

Just like other innovation programs, we offer state-of-the-art content and work with the best innovation experts out there.

There are a few things that set our Innovation Program apart. Thanks to our Steering Wheel platform:

  • Progress happens at your own pace.
  • The program will be tailored to the needs of your project and team.
  • Progress and performance metrics will keep you on track and enable you to benchmark your performance.
  • Weekly feedback meetings ensure you stay focused on what is most important and ensure you will get the best results in the least amount of time.

What also sets us apart is our experience in working with innovation teams in various professional service organizations, from law firms to healthcare organizations to engineering and IT firms.

However, our clients can tell you best!

Join the Project Program and don't let anyone stop you from accomplishing your idea.