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Because every innovation project is unique and because the organizational context in which you operate matters, the online T4 accelerator is built around the needs of your project. Diligently de-risk your project while learning as much as possible about your market, solution, organization, and project, and we ensure that results will follow.

The training:

Makes it easy to master the innovation process and gets you results. Always.

Works within your organizational context and provides content tailored to your needs.

Captures what you learn about your clients, market, organization, and project in one place.

Provides personalized, open, and honest feedback from an experienced trainer.

Let's you work towards tangible deliverables and shows how you perform.

Are you set up for success?

If you are unsure if participating in the online T4 accelerator is beneficial for you or your team, check out our readiness assessment. Check if your team is set up for success.

3 Reasons why you should sign up


Innovation projects fail because of unknowns and untested assumptions. Our experienced trainers will help you avoid common pitfalls, point out your blind spots, challenge you on the assumptions you are making, and set you up for success, so you can deliver the best results.


The training helps you to build a strong team and makes sure your project has buy-in from your organization. We work with teams in their organizational context, as that is the only way to deliver sustainable results.


Life is full of distractions. The training helps you to stay focused on the tasks that are critical to the success of your project, so that you can do, learn and deliver cost and time effectively. For that same reason, we tailor the content to the needs of your project team. Because we evaluate you on your performance as a team, we want to make sure you are delivering the best possible results.

Instead of us telling you this, we suggest you discover it for yourself. 

Why is it called T4?

It is called T4 because the program is:

  • Tailored – Get the training content you need, when you need it, and advance your innovation project as fast as possible
  • Task-oriented – Work towards outcomes and results, one output at a time, making it easy to share what you did, learned, and delivered
  • Team-based – Involve your team members, since innovation is a team sport
  • Trainer-supported – Learn from the best and avoid common pitfalls

How does it work?



The online T4 accelerator provides a tailored journey that guides you through the early stages of the innovation process.

As part of the first phase of the training, you will deliver a project description that resembles a high-level business case. This is followed by a second phase in which your team will deliver a comprehensive business case and project proposal.

A small team, with each team member spending 1-4 hours per week on their project should be able to complete the first phase in four weeks and the second phase in less than eight weeks. If you plan to work on it full time, you could complete both within four weeks.

These two initial phases are followed by three subsequent phases that typically take longer: the development of the solution, the delivery to a first client, and the scaling to sustain growth.

What our participants say

  • "It made us look at the problem from our client's perspective. We realized our success depends not on what we can do, but on what our clients need."


  • "It was a good exercise. Floor asked good probing questions that got me thinking. It refined my outlook on my practice and I profited from evaluating the opportunity. I certainly would recommend participating in the T4 accelerator program, especially when the right opportunity comes along.”


  • "The weekly meetings created a sense of urgency that helped us to make things happen."


  • "In the modules, we focused on one thing at a time and it all made sense. Until we saw how our answers came together in the outputs. It was clear that we had to go back to the drawing board. I am glad we found these discrepancies early."




  • 1 person team
  • Tailored training content
  • Access to the project description modules
  • Access to assumptions section
  • Automatic report building
  • Two 30-minutes sessions with a trainer
  • Data export to Word and Excel
  • Minimum progress limit
  • Access to our community of innovators



  • 2-4 person team
  • Tailored training content
  • Access to all modules
  • Access to assumptions and experiments sections
  • Automatic report building
  • Weekly 45-minutes sessions with a trainer and unlimited email access
  • Data export to Word and Excel
  • No progress limits
  • Access to our community of innovators
  • Technical support



  • 5-10 person team
  • Tailored training content
  • Access to all modules
  • Access to assumptions and experiments sections
  • Automatic report building
  • Weekly 60-minutes sessions with a trainer and unlimited email access
  • Data export to Word and Excel
  • No progress limits
  • Access to our community of innovators
  • Technical support

These plan fees are per team per month.


You can get started for free and complete the project description for your project. The monthly fees for the follow-up phases can be easily justified since success is priceless!

On a more serious note, the T4 approach is a unique combination designed to make innovation cost-effective for service organizations. First, it combines personal and new service development, so you and the organization will be an experience richer. Second, it combines training and innovation management, which makes that progress reports can be created with one click. Third, because all is in one place, our trainers can pro-actively intervene when needed, so you don't waste time going off on a tangent. Fourth, our benchmark data will show you how your team performance compared to others.

Altogether, that makes that we can help you stay focused on the most critical tasks and obtain better results faster. On average, teams save 1-2 hours per person per week over the course of their innovation project, because our training and trainers tell them what to do, when, and how to go about executing these tasks.

And if your project turns out to be unfeasible? Then, timely stopping the project will save you and your organization months of time and opportunity costs.


The online T4 accelerator makes use of discovery-driven growth and the Lean Startup methodologies.

For a birds eye overview of the training:


Why risk failure, if you can be successful?

Change is inevitable

With the coronavirus pandemic, change is a given. The question is, will you undergo these changes or take charge of the process and your destination? The time commitment will be the same, but the experience and the outcomes are vastly different. Leading change is much more rewarding than adjusting to change.


Lead change

Adjust to change

Experience Enriching Frustrating
Attitude Proactive Reactive
Feeling Always a step ahead Always a step behind
Reputation Leader Laggard
Direction You get to determine the direction You will have to adjust to the new reality
Mood Gives you energy Drains your energy


We suggest that you don’t wait for change to happen but take the lead. We can help you to get your idea off the ground and create new revenue streams. Test your idea, create a business case under the guidance of an experienced trainer, and deliver results.

"When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible."

Howard Schultz, Starbucks

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