T4 is an online accelerator program for early-stage innovation teams in service organizations

Test your new concept and create a plan for action, so you can reach your goals faster and obtain better results!

Program Objectives

Taking the lead is not easy. The journey can be lonely, have unexpected detours, and be full of pitfalls. The online accelerator program provides you a process to follow that is based on best practices, so you can focus on your project. The objective is to get you the best results in the least amount of time.

During the program, you will move your project through the early phases of the innovation process, test the new concept, de-risk your project, and create a business case and project plan, while getting the recognition you deserve for your efforts.

Myth: Innovation is about the next big thing and for tech companies only.

Reality: Innovation is about developing and implementing solutions that make a difference for your current or new clients. It is about setting the trend and leading change, which is relevant for all organizations.

For Whom?

How are you staying ahead in today’s fast changing world? Are you taking the lead and acting as

  • An early bird – who will work with vendors to help them shape their new solutions to your needs and that of your peers;
  • A fast follower – who will take what is out there and fit it in, or redesign workflows if needed, to make it work for your practice group;
  • Or a majority leader – who will stand up when the time is right, take the lead, and shape the discussion in your organization?

Whatever your role, early bird, fast follower, or majority leader, the accelerator programs will help you to make a difference. Use the program to lead the change you envision and create a sustainable innovative solution that will have a positive impact on your clients, your company, and all the humans involved.

If you are a laggard, resisting change until it is unavoidable, the accelerator program is not for you.

3 Reasons why you should sign up


The accelerator program will save you time and resources, while setting you up for success. We help you deliver a coherent business case, create a project plan that addresses uncertainties head-on, and get buy-in for your project from the organization, so you will get to the best possible outcomes and get there quickly.


The program is designed to be your guide on your innovation journey. It will help you to address market, solution, organization, and project challenges and risks, so you can focus on testing and developing your new business concept without having to worry about the process itself.


The program will allow you to focus on one thing at a time, and help you put it all together in a coherent business case and project plan, so you can iterate your way to awesomeness.

And perhaps the most important reason of all...

Why risk failure, if you can be successful?

Instead of us telling you this, we suggest you try it out yourself.

What makes the program unique?

The T4 online accelerator program is:

  • Tailored – Get the training content you need, when you need it, and advance your innovation project as fast as possible
  • Task-oriented – Work towards outcomes and results, one output at a time, making it easy to follow your progress
  • Team-based – Involve your team members, innovation is a team sport
  • Trainer-supported – Learn from the best and avoid common pitfalls

For a birdseye overview:

What will participating teams get?

  • Access to the T4 platform (30+ online training modules) for your team
  • Ability to invite five team members to join you at no additional costs
  • Content tailored to the needs of your team
  • Weekly 30 minutes sessions with your trainer
  • Ability to create progress reports with one click
  • 24/7 technical support with a max 8 hours response delay (we are humans, who need to sleep and take breaks).
  • Your data as an Excel or Word file
  • Access to our community of innovators


4 trainer

Time commitment
1-4 hours/week

any time

Online Accelerator Program Expectations

The T4 accelerator program guides your team through the early “fuzzy” stages of the innovation process. So, you know sooner whether you are onto something truly promising, have a higher chance of success, and get recognition for your efforts.

As part of the first phase of the program, you will deliver a detailed project description. This is followed by a second phase in which your team will deliver a complete business case and project proposal. When spending 1-4 hours per week on your project as a team, the first phase should take you no more than about four weeks to complete and the second phase less than eight weeks.

These two initial phases are followed by three subsequent phases that typically take longer: the development of the solution, the delivery to a first client, and the scaling to sustain growth.

What our participants say

  • "The program made us look at the problem from our client's perspective. We realized our success depends not on what we can do, but on what our clients need."
  • "It was a good exercise. Floor asked good probing questions that got me thinking. It refined my outlook on my practice and I profited from evaluating the opportunity. I certainly would recommend participating in the T4 accelerator program, especially when the right opportunity comes along.”
  • "The weekly meetings create a sense of urgency that helps us to make things happen."
  • "In the modules, we focused on one thing at a time and it all made sense. Until we saw how our answers came together in the output. It soon became clear that we had to go back to the drawing board. I am glad we found these discrepancies early."


Participating in the accelerator program is paid on a per team and per month basis. The fee per month per team is $975. We offer a reduced fee for the first month of $395 per team, to try us out.

In our experience, the program fee can be easily justified:

  • Your time and opportunity costs are what makes innovation a costly endeavor in service organizations
  • The reduction in coordination time between your team members pays for the first months of the program, because the program shows you what to do and when.
    • Without our program, a team of 4 people is likely to spend at least 16 hours (1 hour per team member per week) communicating what to do, what to work on, etc. This time saving covers more than the first month of the program fee.
  • A better defined business case proposal will enable your organization to make better project selections, saving them from investing in a project that may lead to nothing.
  • The shorter development timeline will lead to new revenues sooner, which will create a benefit much higher than the program fee.
    • Without our program, development and implementation timelines can be as much as twice as long. The additional profit earned will easily pay for the program fee for the development and implementation phases.
    • A larger project will require more time to develop, but also will have higher margins to support the longer development timeline.
  • And what if your project turns out to be unfeasible? Then, the money saved by timely stopping the project will save the organization far more than the program fee.
  • The focus on the most uncertain and riskiest aspects from the start, could save your organization from investing thousands if not millions of dollars in an unfeasible project.


The online accelerator program is based on the principles of discovery-driven growth and the Lean Startup methodology. It is designed for innovation teams that operate within the walls of a service organization.