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Bringing your innovative idea to life requires you to understand the market, get buy-in from your organization, create a solution, and manage your project. Sounds daunting? Our tailored online innovation training program lets you tackle these issues one by one.

The training:

Makes it easy to master the innovation process and gets you results. Always.

Works within your organizational context and provides content tailored to your needs.

Captures what you learn about your clients, market, organization, and project in one place.

Provides personalized, open, and honest feedback from an experienced trainer.

Let's you work towards tangible deliverables and shows how you perform.


Make your own business decisions

The online innovation program provides a tailored journey that guides you through the early stages of the innovation process.

Get Started is the first part of the training. You will have up to four weeks to draft a convincing project description, that addresses the market, solution, organization, and project opportunities and risks. On average it takes 10 hours to complete the training modules that lead to this description.

Create the Business Case is the second part of the training. Depending on the complexity of your project it will take between 20 and 30 hours to create a compelling business case and project plan for the development phase. We suggest that you share this workload with your team and take between one and three months to complete this second part of the training program.

These two initial phases are followed by three subsequent phases that follow a more open format: Development of The Solution, Delivery to a First Client, and Scaling to Sustain Growth.

Why sign up for T4?


Innovation projects fail because of unknowns and untested assumptions. Our experienced trainers will help you avoid common pitfalls, point out your blind spots, challenge you on the assumptions you are making, and set you up for success, so you can deliver the best results.


The training helps you to build a strong team and makes sure your project has buy-in from your organization. We work with teams in their organizational context, as that is the only way to deliver sustainable results.

Time effective


Life is full of distractions. The training helps you to stay focused on the tasks that are critical to the success of your project, so that you can do, learn and deliver cost and time effectively. For that same reason, we tailor the content to the needs of your project team. Because we evaluate you on your performance as a team, we want to make sure you are delivering the best possible results.

Why is it called T4?

It is called T4 because the program is:

  • Tailored – Get the training content you need, when you need it, and advance your innovation project as fast as possible
  • Task-oriented – Work towards outcomes and results, one output at a time, making it easy to share what you did, learned, and delivered
  • Team-based – Involve your team members, since innovation is a team sport
  • Trainer-supported – Learn from the best and avoid common pitfalls

And because it addresses (1) Market, (2) Solution, (3) Organization, and (4) Project risks.

Are you set up for success?

If you are unsure if participating in the online innovation training is beneficial for you or your team, check out our readiness assessment. Check if your team is set up for success.

What can you expect?

The online innovation training makes use of discovery-driven growth and the Lean Startup methodologies.

Our approach makes sure that taking responsibility for validating your own ideas is effective and efficient.

What our participants say

  • "It made us look at the problem from our client's perspective. We realized our success depends not on what we can do, but on what our clients need."


  • "It was a good exercise. Floor asked good probing questions that got me thinking. It refined my outlook on my practice and I profited from evaluating the opportunity. I certainly would recommend participating in the training program, especially when the right opportunity comes along.”


  • "The weekly meetings created a sense of urgency that helped us to make things happen."


  • "In the modules, we focused on one thing at a time and it all made sense. Until we saw how our answers came together in the outputs. It was clear that we had to go back to the drawing board. I am glad we found these discrepancies early."


On Capterra, in the category innovation software, our online platform T4 as a 5-star rating.

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