Have control over the innovation process

With the Process Program, you will know how your projects are doing and have control over the innovation process, so you can engage employees, drive momentum, and deliver results.

We will work with you, so you can apply the best innovation tactics, structure the innovation process, use the Steering Wheel to guide innovation teams, and have metrics to improve the performance of each project.

Have control with the Steering Wheel

The Steering Wheel Platform

The Steering Wheel platform lets you control the innovation process and know how your projects are doing 24/7, so you can easily engage employees, drive momentum, and deliver results. The platform's structure provides a tailored journey for each project, while the metrics ensure that projects get executed in the least amount of time. The platform guarantees that you will:

  • Have shorter development timelines
  • Save time and resources
  • Obtain buy-in from the start
  • Facilitate adoption
  • Increase success rates

The Process Program

The Process Program is a year-long program. We will work with you till you have the tactics in place that let you have control over the innovation process and that lead to:

  • Lower barriers to engage, by setting clear expectations
  • More projects early in the pipeline
  • Easier prioritization and selection of the most promising opportunities
  • A workforce that knows how to innovate
  • Increased visibility of the innovation function
  • Better results with the same resources

So you never have to worry again about pet projects, escalation of commitment, projects fizzling out, or adoption challenges.