Improve your organization's agility & productivity

Did you become the innovation lead in your organization, because you are curious and innovative by nature? Are you looking for guidance and structure?

This intensive program provides all the support and mentorship you need to become a successful innovation guide and leader.

Put structure to the innovation process, use the Steering Wheel to guide innovation teams through the innovation process, and receive continued support from the O4I community. SET UP FOR SUCCESS is a 3-month program – to put structure around project selection. DRIVE RESULTS is a 6-month program – to put structure around all phases and aspects of the innovation process.

Set up for success

SET UP FOR SUCCESS is a 3-month program that enables you to become an innovation leader who can identify winners and knows how to set teams up for success.

Drive results

DRIVE RESULTS is a 6-month program that enables you to become the innovation leader of your organization, who knows how to guide teams on their innovation journey from start to finish, and who can offer all teams a proven path to success.

Program plan

  1. Book an information meeting, to learn more about the proven path to success and to discuss if our approach is a fit
  2. Sign up, pay the program fee, get access to the Steering Wheel platform, and join the community
  3. Set your planning meeting to define your program goals
  4. Join the weekly group coaching sessions
  5. Optional: Start a mini innovation-campaign to solicit teams
  6. Set a day and time for your weekly one-on-one sessions
  7. Start guiding teams (could be as early as 2 weeks after you signed up)
  8. Deliver the first project descriptions (2 weeks after the first team started/4 weeks after your mini-campaign started)
  9. Deliver the first business cases (12 weeks after the delivery of the project description(s))
  10. Celebrate the successes of your first teams (6 months into the program)
  11. Use the metrics to benchmark your performance
  12. Optional: Repeat 5-8 and get even better results even faster – practice makes perfect!

Infrastructure to support each innovation project