Our approach

Learn faster, succeed sooner



We work with teams from all kinds of industries and on all kinds of innovation projects – from digital transformation to sustainability projects. These teams consist of passionate individuals who are committed to making change happen.

The T4 program offers a proven process to act upon novel opportunities and bring ideas to practice successfully. Let's change the world for the better together!



Acting upon innovative ideas is one of the greatest forces for personal development and change in organizations.

We believe that every team has limitless potential when they align their innovation project’s goals with what their clients/users want and their organization’s mission.

Change happens by showing how impactful a different approach, method, solution, or new offer can be. Taking action is what is needed to get the job done. We do the same, by leading the way to a new paradigm of enabling talent to pursue novel opportunities, add value to their work, and impress clients.



To be successful, innovation teams must figure out their own innovation journey. We assist in this learning process by offering a tailored, team & project-based learning process, so each team can focus on the right things at the right time and realize the outcomes they desire in a timely matter. By bringing data, experiments, and examples into the innovation journey of each team, we spark breakthroughs, insights, and inspiration.

By offering a method that enables teams to learn and figure out their own innovation journey, we have managed to set up teams for success and do so consistently. It is the journey that matters, and the T4 program we developed is the vehicle we use to guide each team on their learning journey, so teams can spend all their time and energy on bringing their ideas about.



The team is important. We will work with you to make sure that you have the right team and the right support within your organization,  as that is critical for your success. If you are motivated to do the work, the program will make sure you are set up for success.



You can participate in the T4 program from anywhere on the globe - the program is 100% virtual. We don't expect you to have a nice laboratory or cool accelerator space. Quite the opposite, we love working with teams in their workplace - as many innovative solutions are context-dependent and the workplace is where change will need to happen!



You are in control of your own time and can work on your project when you want. That being said, our research has shown that momentum is another critical success factor. So, we recommend that you spend 5+ hours as a team on your project each week. You can divide this workload among your team and not everyone needs to put in the same amount of hours. Contributions can fluctuate over time too. So there is a lot of flexibility, as long as the team is committed to making progress, moving their project forward, and taking the necessary actions each week.

The result

A simple, cost-effective, and efficient innovation approach that works.

  • Higher chance of success - Enabling teams to learn faster and succeed sooner (5x higher success rate than the industry average)
  • Larger value add - Driving revenues and profits by keeping the information in each business case factual and by supporting data-driven decision making
  • Lower development costs - Encouraging teams to keep things real and concrete by starting small and scaling what works
  • Faster results - Weekly feedback & progress reporting significantly speed up the progress of teams in the T4 program (Concrete results within 6 months)

What our users say:

The difference between night and day” - Innovation committee member

After 9 years of trying, the T4 program helped us to get the data and facts needed to convince the partnership of this $1M investment in 16 weeks” - Partner, law firm

With the prenatal framework set and introduced as part of the [T4] program, the team could scale quickly from 30 providers to almost 200 doing virtual visits, and from 250 virtual visits per month to 250 per day.” - Dr. Martin, CHNOLA

T4 saved us from wasting $200k on a product that nobody would have wanted” - Business owner

"Great experience! I gained a lot of knowledge regarding business. I am in healthcare, so I am not used to the business side of things as I typically do not handle those aspects of my practice. This program was superb for teaching me the other side of my career. I was taught how to accurately assess items such as finances, billing, interviewing, and how to think from a business perspective. It definitely made me think outside of the box, which was worth it as it taught me so much! I would highly recommend this program!" - Sherry L - Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

“O4I helped me to develop and value a business idea before I put it to market. After our research, we concluded that the idea would not be a commercial success for our business. Without O4I, we either would have put this to market (which would have wasted our time, energy, and money), or we would have stayed in the 'what if' mode for a few years. With O4I, in just a few weeks, we concluded to focus our energy on other more valuable innovation projects.” - Esther van de Storm – Innovation Booster, Stormpunt

Comparison with other approaches

What about Agile, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Business Model Canvas, and other methods?

We are building on the shoulders of giants and make use of strategic management, project management, design thinking, agile, business model canvas, and lean startup methodologies.

These are excellent approaches for dealing with various components of the innovation process (see graph below).

What sets us apart, is that we support teams from start to finish and provide 1:1 feedback during the process, so teams can learn fast and succeed sooner.