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The new PDMA essentials

The third of the PDMA essentials was published at the PDMA 2018 conference. It addresses constrains in the new product development process. The context in which innovation projects are executed create constraints that make best practices ineffective. The book provides recommendations of how to address and overcome these constraints. 

The PDMA essentials series

The new PDMA essentials is the third book in a series. The editors of this book are Sebastian Gurtner, Jelena Spanjol and Abbie Griffin. The first book in the series covers open innovation, the second one is about how to incorporate design thinking. This third book addresses constraints in the innovation process. 

Constraints in the innovation process

The world is far from perfect and not all innovation tools work for every organization.  This book explains when, and why you may need to adapt the innovation process and how to make it work for you.

The book does not look at factors or barriers that may hinder the success of an individual project. Instead, it looks at the innovation process in context. The constraints addressed in the book concern the more systemic factors in an organization, that all projects for a specific market, organizational context, or even industry may encounter.

New product development constraints

Above is an overview of the table of contents of the book. Part one addresses constraints that may be imposed on the process by individuals. The second part covers organizational constraints. The third part focuses on constraints that the market brings about.

I am honored to be the contributor of the fifth chapter in this most recent PDMA essentials book. This chapter addresses time commitment as a constraint. A constraint that particularly plays a role in the innovation process of (professional) service organizations.

Interested in the book? You can order a copy at Amazon or with Wiley.