The Steering Wheel

The Steering Wheel provides innovation leaders with the tools they need to deliver impact.

The role of an innovation leader is to take responsibility, show what is possible, and enable others to make new things happen. The Steering Wheel does the heavy lifting for innovation leaders by providing support to each team, reporting their progress, and tracking their performance.

Watch our demo to learn more about how you can optimize your interaction with each project team and deliver more impact in less time by:

  • Providing tailored guidance to all your project teams
  • Obtaining buy-in from the start
  • Never having to chase idea owners again
  • Being able to align the business and user needs
  • Getting the best possible result fastest
  • Delivering on your mission

The demo video below shows the benefits and features of the Steering Wheel platform.

Contact us to ask us your questions and/or to see a live demo.

Demo video