Readiness assessment

Set up for succcess?

Too many innovation projects fail. However, did you know that many fail because they started wrong? That is, the team assumed too much, was too focused on the outcomes, and not diligent enough in their execution.

From all the projects we have guided through the innovation process, we learned what teams should do, when, and how. There are best practices for tasks such as planning for what next, making budget estimates, etc.

We have created a 12 question readiness assessment, to see if a team is set up for success. You can compare it with the minor and major leagues in baseball. Before investing in and letting players play in the major league, they are tested and vetted in the minor league. Similarly, the early stages of the innovation process give you the opportunity to prove your worth. Show that you are ready for the development and implemention phases!

The assessment will take you less than 15 minutes to complete. The results will give you an overall readiness score. The results will also indicate how well you did in the four risk areas - market, organization, solution and project - so you know what to work on.

Is your team set up for success?