Coaching support

Get coaching support to realize your new service. We will provide guidance from idea generation, development, implementation, all the way to the diffusion of the new service.

How coaching works

You and your team will have the support of O4I-certified coach to guide you through the new service development process. The role of the coach is to give you honest feedback. Weekly coaching sessions will ensure your projects stays on course. To maximize the value you get out of each session, the coaching is supported by our tools. The goal is to add value to the organization and build a new service solution that your clients really value.


Why hire a coach?

Few professionals have experience with developing a new service and bringing it successfully to practice. We do. Dr. Blindenbach-Driessen and our O4I certified coaches are looking forward to share their experience and expertise with you. Achieve better results in less time, with minimum risks, while delivering a maximum return on investment. 

Who benefits most from coaching?

Our coaching is for professional service providers and new service development teams with limited or no experience in new service development.

We are here to assist you in successfully generating a new service that will:

  • Be valued by your clients
  • Generate a new revenue stream for your organization
  • Enhance your career

What are the objectives?

The objectives of the coaching program are:

  • Development of a new service or new business concept in the least amount of time
  • Milestone based and data-driven decision making to minimize risks
  • Diligent execution of the development process using resources as effectively and efficiently as possible
  • Successful implementation of the new service
  • Diffusion of successful concepts to maximize the return on investment
  • Timely stopping if the project turns out to be less promising than expected to avoid wasting valuable time and resources


What will you accomplish?

With our coaching, you will be able to accomplish your new service development journey:

In the least amount of time:  Your coach will guide you through the development process and help you stay focused on the most critical and important tasks at hand. With the assistance of your coach, your team will save time and achieve its goals in the least amount of time.

With minimum risks: Your coach will provide honest feedback and challenge the assumptions you are making when necessary. Build on your coach's experience, he or she will knows what needs to happen to bring your idea to practice successfully. 

Delivering a maximum return on investment: Investing in coaching will save you time and money. You will save time by using our proven approach and by building on the experience of your coach. You will save money, by identify winning concepts early on and by avoiding spending resources on less promising projects. We will make sure that when you invest in us, it is a win-win-win for your clients, your organization, and the team. 

2 to 9 months

Time commitment by
team 3-16 hours/week

Pricing based on coaching commitment of 4-6 hours/month

$975 per team/month for the coaching and support tools

What are the deliverables?

During the idea generation phase (1-2 months)

Under the guidance of the coach, the team will define the problem, vet concepts, compare alternatives, create a testable minimum viable concept, summarize your findings in a proposal, and plan for the next milestone.  

During the development phase (2-6 months)

Under the guidance of the coach, the team will plan and execute their experiments, with the goal to developing a tested and fine-tuned concept that is ready for commercialization.

During the implementation phase (1-3 months)

Under the guidance of the coach, the team will commercialize their solution, whereby the coaching focuses on ensuring excellence in execution and scalability. 

During the diffusion phase (1 months)

Under the guidance of the coach, the team learns how to share their experiences with their colleagues and how to educate adopters. The coaching ends upon successful completion of the adoption workshop and the creation of a cohort of adopters for the new service. Clearly the diffusion and delivery of the new service will continue beyond the diffusion phase.

Teams in the coaching program have free access to O4I Workbooks for the duration of their coaching.

What are the actionable results?

Results: Ideation phase

  • Description of a testable new service
  • Proposal
  • Plan for the next milestone

Results: Development phase

  • Tested concept ready for commercialization

Results: Implementation phase

  • New revenue generating service
  • 1-3 use cases 

Results: Diffusion phase

  • Revenue generating high value service
  • Training materials for adopters
  • Diffusion workshop
  • Cohort of adopters

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