Getting started

Recipe for frustration


– 5-star rating

This recipe creates long-lasting, deep, and full of flavor frustration! Enjoy it with any kind of innovative idea. Perfect for any job!

The easiest recipe to get frustrated, with a rich aftertaste of disillusionment!

Prep time: 10 minutes           Cook time: 12+ weeks           Yield: Good for one person or team


  • 1 innovative idea
  • 20+ hours of research
  • 8 hours of lost sleep
  • 1 uninterested, overworked, or simply busy boss
  • 1 misunderstanding
  • 5 objections


Start with the innovative idea and then slowly add in the other ingredients one by one.

Use your scarce spare time to let it bake for about 12 weeks to get the best results!

Share in the comments below how it tasted!




P.S. If you don’t like frustration, are allergic to frustration or any of its ingredients, and/or want your innovative ideas being seen, valued and heard, there is no need to waste another of your innovative ideas!

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